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[2024] 100+ Sharing Economy Apps and Websites You Don’t Want to Miss

How would you like to make an extra $500 or $1000 this weekend? How about an extra $25 tonight? It turns out, thanks to the sharing economy, you can!

In short, the sharing economy (also known as peer-to-peer services) allows anyone to rent out a room with Airbnb, become a taxi driver with Uber, tutor through WyzAnt, or make money through dozens of other activities — all while benefiting others.

After spending some time to create a list of 100 ways to make money and 100 websites that pay you to refer friends, we decided that it was only appropriate to create an article revealing 100 sharing economy websites worth exploring.

Whether you’re looking to make a few bucks on the side, or earn a full-time living, these sites can give you a great place to start. So let’s get started!

100 Sharing Economy Apps and Websites

To make it easier to filter, I have divided this list into multiple categories. If you realize that I’ve missed an app or website – let me know in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to add it.

Ride Share

Image showing a car steering wheel with Nissan logo
  1. Lyft – I haven’t seen a giant pink mustache on the front of a car in quite some time, and maybe that indicative of the fact that Lyft no longer needs cheap marketing gimmicks.
  2. Uber – Uber may be the most popular share economy app out there. The famous ride sharing app is well known for both success and controversy. Nonetheless, it is still one of the best ways to get around, as well as a great way for Digital Nomads to make extra money. Uber is even popular in small towns like my hometown of South Bend, Indiana.
  3. HopSkipDrive – This a great app for busy parents with active children. Because most people wouldn’t trust their children with just anyone, three moms came up with a ridesharing system that’s safe for kids.
  4. Gett – The major advantage Gett has is that there are not any surge prices, which isn’t always the greatest for you wallet. But it might allow you to feel better about working for them because you know that you’re not screwing your riders over.
  5. Zimride – Zimride is a ridesharing company that focuses on bringing people together to carpool, as opposed to offering a pseudo taxi service like Uber or Lyft do.


  1. Airbnb – Airbnb is the most popular alternative to renting a hotel room and it’s available all over the world.
  2. CampinmyGarden – This is an app that allows you to pay landowners to camp in their yard or garden. The area where you camp will vary from basic to glamorous. If you have a good yard to rent or are looking for a unique way to travel, check out this app!
  3. Home Away – A vacation rental website that is much more glamorous than Airbnb. If you have a beautiful vacation home “Home Away” is the  
  4. LoveHomeSwap – LoveHomeSwap allows you to switch homes with another traveler for a week. It doesn’t really have the potential to create a second source of income, but it can help travel without breaking the bank.
  5. Short Term Stays – A home sharing website that markets your property to over 100 million potential visitors a month.
  6. RoomORama – Similar to Airbnb.

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Rent Space

  1. JustPark – JustPark allows you to rent your parking space out for as long as you want. It can be used for a few hours while you’re out of town for the weekend, or for six months while you’re traveling abroad.
  2. Parqex – Similar to JustPark, Parqex is another app that allows you to purchase or rent out your parking space.
  3. Spacii – With Spacii, you can either sell your unused space such as your attic, garage, or empty room in your basement, or you can rent that unused space.
  4. Splacer – Looking for a space to host your short term event or production? Splacer is a site that allows you to rent traditional hosting spaces, as well as private spaces. You can also rent out your private space as well, such as your loft in New York or the rarely used barn in your backyard.
  5. Liquid Space – Thanks to the popularity of the “startup” there are a countless number of small companies in need of check office space. Liquid space is a great way small, medium, or even large companies to rent office space. Have unused space? Feel free to rent out your space as well.
  6. Luxe – Love valet parking, but often go places that do not offer this luxury service? Then check out Luxe, which allows you to receive valet parking from anywhere. You can also make money with Luxe as one of their mobile valet parkers.
  7. SharedEarth – Allows people to garden on your unused property and in return, you get a share of their share crops.
  8. Peerspace – Similar to Liquid Space, Peerspace allows you to rent or host event spaces.
  9. YourParkingSpace – YourParkingSpace allows you to rent out a parking space, driveway or locked garage. They are currently nationwide across the UK. There are long term and short term parking options. Start monetizing your space today.

Vehicle Renting

  1. Getaround – Instead of ride sharing, Getaround allows you to share your vehicle. This is great for those who are looking for an inexpensive way to rent a car for a few hours, or for those with a frequently idle care that is looking to make some extra money.
  2. Turo – Same idea as Getaround. Vehicle sharing app, as opposed to a ride sharing app.
  3. BoatBound – Most people have a car, but it’s pretty rare to own a boat. With boatbound, you can rent out your boat. Each rental agreement is included with insurance, so you know your boat is in safe hands with BoatBound.
  4. GetMyBoat – Similar to BoatBound, GetMyBoat allows you to rent out your boat, or pay to borrow someone else’s.
  5. Tubbber – A boat sharing service popular in Europe.
  6. RV Share – More than any other vehicle, RVs tend to sit idle. They are sit in driveways as they wait to be used for long distance trips that usually only happen once a year. So why not rent out your RV instead of letting it collect dust while it goes unused?
  7. Spinlister –  In need of a bike to get around? Splinster is a bike sharing app.


  1. EatWith – Their motto is “bringing chefs and foodies together.” They allow top-notch chefs to design their own menus by hosting meals in their own home.
  2. Bon Appetour – Similar to EatWith, but less high end. It is much easier to host with Bon Appetour, but the chefs tend to be less skilled.
  3. MealSharing – This app features several inexpensive “food sharing” options, some as low as $14 per person. Simply make a reservation with a host and then head to their house for your scheduled breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  4. Feastly – Another food sharing website.

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  1. Verbling – Verbling brings language teachers together with students who are eager to learn.
  2. Udemy – With Udemy, create your own course, share it, and charge for it. You can create a course on any subject.
  3. Wyzant – Wyzant will connect you with expert tutors, in a variety of fields, who can work with you online or in person. If you’re an expert you can sign up to be a tutor as well and receive a per hour fee for your services.
  4. Classgap – Similar to Wyzant, Classgap with tutors from all over the world, who are knowledgeable in several different subjects.
  5. Codementor – This website gives you one-on-one mentor advice from expert coders. They can help you solve issues such as debugging, HTML, CSS, Java, and much more.
  6. Langademy – Langademy is a collaborative social network to learn languages. Receive free 1-1 lessons in exchange for teaching others your language.


Image showing a female feeding a baby a bottle
  1. UrbanSitter – UrbanSitter is a childcare app that allows it’s babysitters to keep 100 percent of their earnings.
  2. – covers just about any “caregiver” job imaginable. From child care, senior care, pet care, and house sitting. If you don’t mind taking care of other people or their possessions then check out to make some extra cash.
  3. SitterCity – They market themselves as a better version of Check out Sittercity to find out if it is.
  4. GoNannies – It’s a modern way to be recruited, screened and hired as a household employee independently. They also provide live support.

Pet Care

  1. DogVacay – With DogVacay you can turn your love for dogs into cash by getting paid to take care of other people’s dogs while they are out of town.
  2. Rover – My friend used Rover for a while to make extra cash while he was between jobs. He said most clients love him because they had a dog of their own, who they took excellent care of.
  3. FetchPetCare – Another pet sitting service that also allows you to walk other people’s dogs for cash.

Health, Beauty, and Wellness

  1. CrowdMed – CrowdMed is a website that allows you to “crowdsource” your healthcare. Except, instead of receiving donations, you receive medical advice from several qualified professionals, who collaborate in order to provide you with the most educated and thoughtful diagnosis.
  2. Zeel – Zeel is Uber, but for massages. It’s app that allows you to book massages from your phone. The massage therapists, who use Zeel, are prepared to come right to your door.
  3. Sooth – Similar to Zeel, Sooth is an app that sends licensed massage therapists to your door.
  4. GlamSquad – GlamSquad is only available in a few select cities, but the app connects “beauty artists” with clients, who are in need of a makeover. The artist will show up to your door before your big date, dance, or even do your makeup for your wedding day.
  5. StyleSeat –  Similar to GlamSquad, StyleSeat connects beauty and wellness professionals with clients.
  6. Wello – Want a personal trainer, but don’t have the flexibility to meet on at the gym? Wello allows you to hire an online personal trainer. The service is cheaper, more convenient, and can be just as effective.

Labor and Simple Tasks

  1. Zaaryl – Zaarly is a website that puts home service providers in touch with potential clients. Need your how cleaned? The snow in your driveway shoveled? Then check out Zaaryl.
  2. TakeEasy – TakeEasy puts lawn care professionals in touch with clients. This saves you the time and energy of having to manage a lawn service.
  3. Your Mechanic – This company does exactly what you’d expect an app with the name ‘your mechanic’ to do. It sets you up with your own mechanic for all of your automotive needs.
  4. TaskRabbit – There moto is “We Do Chores. You Live Life.” You can sign up for TaskRabbit to make money doing miscellaneous tasks for other people.
  5. Bellhops – With Bellhops you can earn extra cash helping people move. No truck required.
  6. Handy – Do you have experience as a housekeeper or handyman and want to make extra money? Join Handy and find work.
  7. Dolly – If you have a truck or van, you can make some extra money by helping people move with Dolly.
  8. LawnLove – Similar to TakeEasy, LawnLove also you to find lawn care professionals to take care of your yard.
  9. Buddytruk – With BuddyTruk, if you have a truck or a van you can get paid to help people move.
  10. GoShare – Similar to BuddyTruk, make money by using GoShare to help people move with your truck or van.
  11. Thumbtack – This is a marketplace for both online and in-person services such as interior design, personal training, and wedding planning.
  12. Field Agent – Complete simple and easy tasks for other people such as checking the grocery store for an item.
  13. – Since 2015 Bidvine has been a great choice for both freelancers and customers since they cap the number of bids a customer receives and don’t charge commission on the job, only a small, one-off fee to submit a bid. Their system is completely free to use for customers and offers over 800 services across events, health home improvements and learning cateogories.

Professional Advice

  1. TalkSpace – Get matched with an online therapist and have the space to talk with them.
  2. HourlyNerd – Are you a current MBA students or graduate looking to make extra money? HourlyNerd is an online business consulting website that sets up knowledgeable professionals with businesses in need of advice.
  3. CoachUp – CoachUp connects online athletic coaches with athletes looking to improve in their sport. The coaches get paid an hourly rate that they set themselves.
  4. PopExpert – It’s a website for those who seek coaching and one-on-one advice.
  5. Noomii – Noomii is similar to the other coaching websites on this list. They state that they are “the largest directory of life coaches and business coaches.”
  6. – It’s a coaching platform where you play a certain amount per week or month to have access to one of their professional coaches.
  7. LawTrades – LawTrades uses advanced technology to connect people with lawyers, which helps to make simple legal services more affordable.
  8. UpCounsel – Like LawTrades, UpCounsel gives people “On-demand access to highly experienced lawyers,” and it’s cheaper than going to a lawyer in person.

Clothing, Accessories, and Crafts

  1. Etsy – Etsy is popular peer-to-peer Marketplace for handcrafted goods. My cousin recently started his own laser etching business and markets himself on Etsy.
  2. Style Lend – How often have you spent over $100 on an article of clothing and only worn it once or twice? Style Lend helps solve overspending by encouraging you to rent your designer clothes instead of buying them?
  3. PoshMark – Buy and Sell Clothing on PoshMark.
  4. SwapStyle – SwapStyle is like an online Plateau’s Closet. On the website, you can buy and sell gently used name brand items.
  5. Zibbet – Sell you handmade goods on a site that’s less commerical than Etsy.

Financial and Investing

Picture showing a gentleman reading a business newspaper
  1. Lending Club – Lending Club is the largest online credit marketplace. Their system allows you to invest in other people’s loans and make returns off of the interest they pay. You can also receive a loan from Lending Club that has lower interest rates than the banks do.
  2. WeFunder – Want to invest in startups? With WeFunder you can do just that. Find global or local startups and invest your own capital.
  3. Prosper – Prosper is a peer-to-peer lending service similar to Lending Club. Utilizing this service is a great alternative to letting your money sit idle in your bank account.

Web and Technology Assistance

  1. DesignCrowd – DesignCrowd allows its customers to crowdsource graphically designed logo. This collaborative process allows graphic designers to make some easy extra cash while consumers get a custom designed logo.
  2. Fon – Fon is a wifi sharing company. By joining Fon you agree to share some of the wifi from your home router, and in return, you get access to their over 20 million wifi hotspots.
  3. DataWallet – This app allows you to receive funds from the data that’s collected from your engagement with websites such as facebook and twitter. This is done by downloading the app, using Facebook, the app then pays you when company’s purchase your data. It’s that simple.
  4. Crowdio – This site allows you to become a mobile support agent from your own phone.

Everyday Goods

  1. NeighborGoods – This site allows you to share goods and resources with your neighbors and friends such as lawnmowers, bikes, and even scooters.
  2. Zilok – Zilok allows you to rent your stuff. Rentable items range from ladders to video game systems to sewing machines. Pretty much, if you own it you can rent it.

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Delivery and Logistics

  1. Postmates – Postmates is one of the fastest growing economy sharing apps. With Postmates, local couriers deliver goods on-demand.
  2. Instarcart – Similar to Postmates, but the company specializes as a grocery delivery service.
  3. uShip – Are you taking a long trip anytime soon? Checkout uShip to see if someone needs a package delivered and receive cash to take it to them.
  4. Saucy – Another service similar to Postmates, except the company specializes in the delivery of alcohol instead.
  5. Munchery – Munchery is a food delivery service, which delivers meal prepared by a company approved chefs.


  1. GetYourGuide – There are a lot of things to do in a new city such as tours, cooking classes, sightseeing buses, and cruises. For each of these, you will need a guide or an instructor. With GetYourGuide someone to help you with whatever you want to do, or if give tours yourself.
  2. Vayable – Similar to GetYourGuide, Vayable allows you to find and give tours at a variety of destinations.
  3. WithLocals – WithLocals is a combination of Vayable and Eatwith. It allows tourists to get with a local who can introduce them to tours and cuisines.


  1. Carvertise – Strapped for cash? Sign up for Carvertise and get paid for featuring advertisements on your motor vehicle.
  2. Wrapify – Similar to Carvertise, with Wrapify you can get paid to wrap your car in an advertisement.
  3. Scribendi – Scribendi is a peer-to-peer proofreading website. Get paid to proofread other people’s work.
  4. Seateroo – With Seateroo whenever you have a great seat on a plane, you can sell it to someone sitting in the back.
  5. Trustify – Have the chops and background to be a private investigator? Trustify connects private investigators with people in need of some sleuthing.
  6. FancyHands – Hire a virtual assistant or become one with FancyHands.
  7. Zirtual – Similar to FancyHands, Zirtual is a virtual assistant website.
  8. DoulaMatch – Are you a woman who is qualified to assist other women in childbirth? Then you can put your skills to use with DoulaMatch.
  9. ToolLocker – ToolLocker is a construction equipment rental site, where equipment owners can rent out their unused equipment.
  10. DropTrip – Save or make money by using DropTrip. With this site, you can get paid to deliver packages to destinations that you’re already planning to visit.
  11. RentaFriend – Have good social skills? Put those skills to work by getting paid to be someone’s friend for a night. Events you might have to attend range from being someone’s wingman during a night out to attending a theme park.
  12. 3D Hubs – 3D Hubs helps you to find people willing to rent out access to their 3D printers.3D Hubs – 3D Hubs helps you to find people willing to rent out access to their 3D printers.

Well, there you have it. Have you tried any of these peer-to-peer services in the past? If yes, share your experience in the comments section below. Did we miss any sharing economy apps or sites? If so, let us know and we’ll add it!

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  1. I was going to tell you that you left out the carsharing company Zipcar.
    Other than that, great article!

  2. You’ve missed Bla Bla Car. It’s the most popular app to share place in your car at Europe. Great post by the way. Grats.

  3. Hey Rob, great list you brought here ! I think I’m gonna use it ASAP.

    I would recommand you to add, it’s the leading peer-to-peer boat rental community in Europe.

    Anyway, congrats on your article

    1. Thanks IC! We just looked for businesses that connect people for business. If you’ve discovered any other sharing economy apps or websites, send them our way!

  4. Awesome article – want to add a new company on the scene, Rentgrata! Current apartment renters can respond to questions from people searching for apartments about their experience. If the prospect signs a lease, they both earn the referral reward money paid out by the property!

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