3 Key Financial Resources and Services Available Online

Keeping up with your financial life can be quite a challenge. After all, many companies are responsible for handling different aspects of your financial needs. Staying on top of your current financial situation, then, can become quite time-consuming and even a little overwhelming. Fortunately, with the large number of financial resources available online, keeping up with your financial status can be a piece of cake.


Who really understands the thousands of pages of Federal and state tax codes? Unless you’re a tax attorney, it’s highly unlikely that you’ve got a full grasp of everything. Fortunately, with online tax preparation software, filing your annual tax return has become much easier. So long as you keep your various tax-related documents organized throughout the year, you can typically sit down and complete your taxes in just a couple of hours.

Even better than the automatic calculation of your refund is the huge knowledge base to help you understand even the most complex tax questions. Plus, even if you have a unique tax situation that you’re not sure how to record, you can get live, one-on-one help from someone who actually understands all the different tax complexities.

Banking and Borrowing

Though online banking has been around for a long time, only in the last few years have banks and other financial institutions truly begun to take advantage of the power of being online. With the ability to open accounts, apply for loans, manage accounts, retrieve statements, and make deposits all available with a few clicks, you might never have to visit a brick and mortar location unless you need to make a withdrawal.

Borrowing money is now possible to do online via a variety of lenders. The ability to get a loan advance online makes it easier for consumers to respond to unforeseen financial circumstances since these loans can usually be available as soon as the next business day. However, this access has the potential to be too easy for some people who may come to depend on these financial instruments too frequently to justify the uptick in interest rates these loans often include.

Credit Score

The elusive credit score has long been a mystery to all but the most astute financial observers. In the past, most people understood it was important but didn’t really know why or how their credit score got to be. Fortunately, credit scores are now as easy to come by. Many different companies offer free credit scores as well as an in-depth look at the factors used in determining your credit score.

Empowered by this information, you can then seek to improve your credit score, ensuring you have access to the best interest rates and most beneficial financial products. Not to mention, when you are in a lending situation that is utilizing your credit score, you can know what to expect going into it, and have the information to challenge the lender should they present you with terms you feel don’t match your creditworthiness.

Tools for the Master

Of course, all of these digital financial tools are great, but they can’t ultimately make financial decisions for you. To be able to stand on a firm financial footing, it’s important to understand how to protect and improve your financial situation in addition to understanding the tools you have to access that information.

Financial basics such as budgeting, saving, diversifying, and other long-standing financial tools are truly what will help you move forward toward the financial freedom you desire. With the right knowledge and these powerful tools in hand, you’ll be well on your way to significant financial success.

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