America could be in trouble.

Across the country psychologists are reporting the rise of a new psychological disorder: “Trump anxiety“. Apparently there is a growing number of Americans who realize that the Trump joke has gone to far – and he might actually become president.

With this possibility looming in the future, citizens have taken to the internet to:

  1. Compare Trump to Hitler and Berlusconi (neither of which seems that far fetched).
  2. Figure out how the heck to get out of America!

Take a look at this graph by NBC News:

Google for Move to Canada

Search results for “Move to Canada” have spiked since Trump became the clear forerunner for the Republican Party.

As these results very clearly reveal, if Trump becomes our next president, he better get Mexico to pay for that wall – because Canada is going to demand we build one!

And although I’ve seen a plethora of articles sharing places to move to if Donald Trump becomes president, I haven’t seen one discussing places to avoid if Trump wins. Since this latter knowledge is just as important (if not more so), I took it upon myself to write that article.

So, if you’ve started researching your escape plan in case of a “Trumpocalypse“, be sure to scratch the following locations off your list of possibilities.


Reason: Tax hike to pay for the wall

Great Wall of Trump

We all know about Mexico’s wall. And lets face it, that’s not going to be cheap.

If you want to know how expensive a wall like this costs to build, just ask the Chinese. Theirs took an estimated 20 years and cost the lives of upwards of 1 million people. While modern technology will make this wall less risky to build, it will still cost a fortune.

What does that mean for you, the American refugee living in Mexico?

Your taxes will go through the roof!

The reason Mexicans are trying to get into the US anyway is because of the lack of wealth in Mexico. Therefore, if someone is forced to pay for the wall, it will have to be wealthy American expatriates hoping to live out a peaceful existence during the next 4-8 years.

The Middle East

Reason: Bombing, invasion, and torture

Making America Great Again

If you’re thinking “Rob, the Middle East is not a country”, then you’re obviously not a Trump supporter.

In all reality, it doesn’t matter what Middle Eastern country you’re thinking about escaping to – Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, or Israel – they’re all at risk of attack from Trump Nation.

See, the average Trump supporter doesn’t realize that ISIS is similar to inner-city gangs in the US – meaning that the vast majority of those in Muslim countries are not associated with them (hence the mass exodus of reasonable people from Syria). Rather, Trump supporters, quick to paint broad strokes with a very shallow brush, see the entire Middle East as a threat.

I know Israel’s tech sector is impressive, and working in Egypt could be fascinating – but it’s just not worth the risk of being bombed by the land of the free. 


Reason: Trade embargo

Made in China

Here’s something all American can agree on – we need more US-based jobs! After all, why should we buy things from China that we can make in the US for 20x the cost?

Now, I’m not interested in getting into a debate here around minimum wage laws or outsourcing – but one thing is for sure – Trump’s trade embargo with China will be bad news for American’s living in China.


Because you’ll get deported back to the US.

China will do fine without doing business with America. But once they’re fed up with America’s foreign policy, they’ll send everyone back to the US.

Now your escape plan has failed, and you’re back in Trump Nation. Unfortunately, everything in the US also costs 10x as much because it’s has to be made in the US.

But that’s okay. Thanks to Trump Wall there are fewer people competing for those strawberry picking jobs – so at least you’ll have work.

The United Kingdom

Reason: Retaliation for Parliament’s considered ban on Trump

Trump ban in England

If there’s one person who doesn’t take criticism lightly, it’s Trump.

Although I have no idea what the response will be, odds are the UK will be in for some sort of surprise after their very bold critique of Trump.

Because of this, I would recommend staying clear of the nation that has been one of our closest allies in the past. Odds are they won’t get nuked, but something will have to happen.

Just be thankful they didn’t actually decide to ban him! That would have led to all-out war.

The United States

Reason: Elimination of freedom and economic collapse.

Extreme reason: Association with the next Nazi party.

Trump is Hitler?

Out of every place on this list, the last place you want to live if Trump becomes president is the United States of America.

Despite being the global voice of freedom, the US appears very eager to place a dictator in power. There’s even evidence that Trump was an avid student of Hitler’s speeches. Although I don’t believe that he would become Hitler, electing Trump would drastically shift the direction of the United States onto an entirely new path. Read up on your history about Rome and you’ll discover some stark similarities.

But, to not become a conspiracy theorist, let’s move on.

Simply by looking at his policies, we can see solid evidence that Trump would reduce our freedom of speech and likely cause an economic collapse. And these are reasons enough for me to get a move on!

Based on what he’s saying, Trump means trouble for the US of A!

But of course, this could just all be talk to get into office. And that would mean it’s alright to make him president, right?

Preparing for the Trumpacolypse

I hope this article shed some insights into what countries to avoid if Donald Trump becomes president. Now you can go search for some great places to go – like Canada, Costa Rica, or Thailand.

Meanwhile, if you’re not sure how to make a living in those countries, sign up for my newsletter! I’m always sharing new ways to start a business and make a living remotely. Once you can make money from a laptop, you’ll have much less to worry about during this coming election.

For the comments: I wrote this article as a joke – with a few personal opinions. But what are your thoughts? What will you do if Donald Trump wins the election?