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5 Hardest and Easiest Things About Being A Digital Nomad

So, you decided to become a Digital Nomad…You’ve felt the walls closing in, as you anxiously await 5pm too many times.

You’ve wasted too many Sundays dreading the work week ahead. Day-after-day you’ve been dreaming about doing something else. Something you’re excited about. Something fulfilling. Something that just might, dare I say, make you happy?

Deciding to take your life into your own hands is both liberating, and terrifying. 

Unfortunately, working from your computer isn’t all fancy vacations and drinking by the pool, but if you stay dedicated, it will surely help you live a more free and fulfilling life! These 35 Digital Nomads did.

The 5 Hardest Things Of Being a Digital Nomad:

Digital Nomad Working

#1 – Making It Your First Priority

Working your 8-5, getting home, then “clocking-in” to learn about your new business is difficult, to say the least. Most people tend to go overboard at first, working crazy hours because they heard Elon Musk did it, and quickly burning themselves out.

Becoming a successful Digital Nomad can mean staying home while your friends are at the bar, missing football games, and working during uncomfortable commutes to and from work. You have to do whatever it takes if you want to succeed.

Before you begin, make an honest assessment of the time you can dedicate to a new project. Be realistic about how much effort it’s going to take on your part, and what you have time for.

What extra activities and expenses can you cut out? Are you willing to eat and spend like a college student while you’re building your business?

Maybe you’re just looking to spend a couple hours a week developing a side hustle. That’s great, too!

Digital Nomad Job Selection

Just make sure you don’t commit to a project that requires more time than you’re willing to give.

#2 – Knowing Who To Trust

Everyone is offering a crash-course nowadays.

Whether you want to learn to draw, become a competitive dancer, or just market your business to the right audience, a thousand gurus will be breathing down your neck before you finish your first search.

That being said, having guidance from someone who is doing exactly what you want to do is crucial.

But coaches are a-dime-a-dozen, so how do you choose the right one?

Always do your due-diligence when it comes to mentors. Read reviews and chat with people who have worked with them, and if anything smells fishy with coaches, it probably is.

Telling Parents and Family

You should also take your time interviewing, and getting to know them personally. Too many people are sold too quickly on guru-offers. They might know their stuff, but vibing with their coaching style is equally as important.

You should feel motivated by your coach and excited at the opportunity to work with them! If not, you’re wasting your time.

#3 – Telling Your Plans To Friends and Family

It’s nerve-wracking telling your parents that you’re leaving the best job you’ve ever had, and probably a better job than they thought you’d ever get.

It’s even harder when everyone who hears your idea immediately turns into an expert, or a critic.

Get used to being told your idea won’t work. If you believe in it, that won’t matter.

Also get used to other people’s suggestions about your idea. In fact, you should make a habit of listening to them, some will be brilliant.

Digital Nomad Quitting Work

#4 – Quitting Your Job

Don’t get me wrong here, this is the same stuff that dreams are made of, but not being 100% confident where your next paycheck is coming from is scary.

Even if you have a good relationship with your boss, the sheer confrontation can be a nightmare.

You never want to feel like you’re letting someone down, but you can’t let anything, or anyone, get in the way of your personal growth.

Help them make the transition as easy and seamless as possible, and don’t burn any bridges – you won’t regret it.

If you’re part of a good work environment, they will want the best for you. If not, just be glad you’re leaving.

Working Can Be Lonely

#5 – Taking The Leap

It’s almost like you’re closing your eyes, leaning back, and doing a trust fall…but with only yourself to catch you.

You have the idea, the resources, the product, and the plan. You know there is success, freedom, and happiness waiting for you below. But you also know there are no guarantees in life or business.

How long will it take? What if it doesn’t work? What will my friends say if I fail?

In reality, it doesn’t matter. No one can answer these questions, and if they could they’d charge a fortune to tell you.

You have to just do it. Stop thinking about it. Take the leap. Give yourself a chance to fly, or fall flat on your face.

Remember to be realistic. If you have no capital, no idea, no product, and no profitable skills, you aren’t ready to take the leap yet.

But it’s not all hard. Becoming a Digital Nomad can be exciting, liberating, and just downright fun!

The 5 Easiest Things Of Being a Digital Nomad:

Digital Nomad Success

#1 – Quitting Your Job

I mean, is there a better feeling?

You’ll never smile bigger than when you’re walking out of your jail-cell, oops I mean office, for the final time.

Or the first morning you wake up deliberately unemployed.

Or when you first make your own schedule.  

Or when you imagine the jealously of your co-workers…or is that just me?

Remember the things you didn’t like about your boss and work environment, and make those things better for your employees!

Vacation While Working

Unless you just quit on a whim, there’s probably been a lot of planning leading up to this day, and it’s going to be well worth the wait.

#2 – Your First Profitable Vacation

You’re sipping margaritas by the pool, checking your laptop a couple times a day, and taking a break to go to the beach, you’ve made it! 

Whether your adventures earn you money, or you just have a bangin’ automated sales process running 24/7; earning money while you sleep or vacation is a tremendous feeling!

I guess all that hard work you did in the beginning is really paying off! 

Congrats, but keep your head down and keep working…there’s lots more success where that came from.

#3 – When You Beat Your Old Income

You left a reliable monthly income when you decided to become a digital Nomad. You’ll most likely have that number in your head until you beat it. At this point people really start feeling like they made it, and for good reason…they did!

Being a Digital Nomad is about creating freedom and the ability to earn money passively, while doing what you enjoy.  

It’s about being around for dinner with the family. Waking up with a smile on your face. Seeing your kids grow up. Traveling with your loved ones. Appreciate the successes your experience everyday, and you’ll surely never regret it.

If you do happen to make a billion dollars, that’s great too,ooo,ooo,ooo!

Setting Your Own Schedule

Stay focused at this point. If you keep working hard you’ll be adding zero’s to your old income in no time!

#4 – Making Your Own Schedule

Maybe you’re the sleep-until-noon type, or maybe you just prefer to do your work at night. Even if you enjoy waking up at 6am, it’s much easier when you don’t have to drag yourself to a cubicle.

You’ll still have many important meetings and deadlines, but you’re in charge of scheduling now. You don’t have to request time off, or spend your afternoons glancing at the clock obsessively.

You should, however, hold yourself to the highest of standards. Expect more of yourself than you would expect of your best employee. You lead by example, so if you’re scratching something off your schedule, make sure it’s not to watch daytime Ellen.

Digital Nomad Making It

#5 – Saying “I Told You So”

Ah…the haters have hated, and you have prevailed…it’s time to do your happy dance because you proved everyone wrong!

Before you do that, try this instead:

Tell them how you did it.

Share your success with them. 

Help them achieve their goals.  

Bring people up with you whenever you can. If your parents were skeptical, it’s because they don’t want to see you lose everything. 

If your friends had suggestions, it’s because they thought it would make you more successful.  

Investors and loan officers will be calling you non-stop, there’s always money when you don’t need it. You can definitely tell them: “Sorry, I told you so!”

Sam Pence

Sam is a graphic designer and ecommerce entrepreneur. He graduated with a marketing degree from the University of Idaho in 2014, and became a digital nomad two years later. He's been self employed since 2018, and has earned millions of dollars in revenue for his clients.

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