5 Ways ANYONE Can Make Money Online From Home

The internet is packed full of articles telling people they can make money online simply by doing xyz. The problem is, they’re usually either promoting scams or the way to make money is actually not so simple because you need to have specific skills and on top of that get seriously lucky. Here are 5 ways that ANYONE can make money online.

1. Start Selling

If you need to make a few extra bucks, then the easiest way to make money online is to sell. You don’t need to have a product either. Simply start selling off goods that you no longer need. Have a heap of books you’re never going to read again? Great. Sell them. Have an old desk you’ve been meaning to take to the tip? Sell it instead. There are heaps of great online free classifieds sites to help you. Selling your old stuff has never been easier.

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2. Get Creative

Everyone has something they can make to sell. While you might not be creating any amazing products yet, it’s pretty simple to get started. This method does mean paying little upfront costs to get going but it can be seriously worth it. Turn your hobby into a little side business on Etsy and other homemade goods sites. Like creating jewelry? Open a store. Like upcycling old furniture? Start selling.

3. Resell

For those of us who aren’t so crafty and don’t have a product to sell or a hobby to turn into an online shop, the resell market is where you should invest your time and money. Start off small by purchasing cheap goods to resell to a more local market at a higher price. People will pay good money to buy off someone local. Buy small goods in bulk and divvy them up to resell for more. If you’re a creative and already have a store, consider purchasing in bulk and reselling a fraction of the goods to your customers and other creatives.

4. Online Surveys

To supplement your income you can start doing online surveys. There are a bunch of great sites out there that will pay you to complete surveys for large companies. They usually work by giving you a balance for each survey and once your balance reaches a certain threshold you can either take the money out through PayPal or choose a gift card to receive the balance on. You’ll often make the balance up quicker by choosing the gift card method and this can be a great way to save big on Christmas shopping, either by choosing presents at participating stores or by simply gifting the gift cards. Of course, you’ll need to research each survey site before signing on to see how they pay.

5. Money Back Sites

Like online survey sites, there are websites that you can browse through to see if any stores you normally shop from online have a money back or cashback offer with certain websites. By shopping through a cashback website you’re able to earn points or cash by spending online. This can be a great way to save a little if you regularly shop at participating stores.

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