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This is the purpose of MoneyNomad.com: to share strategies for making money and growing your net worth – all from your laptop. If you’re interested in living a financially independent, location free lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place!

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Whether you’re looking to replace your 8-5 to travel the world, supplement your income to help with retirement, or develop a business that can provide jobs for your family and friends,you’ve come to the right place.

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The writers:

Zach – Site Owner and Blogger

I am an avid saltwater fisherman, traveling the world exploring new fisheries and meeting new people. When not fishing, I spend my time running MoneyNomad, selling on Amazon and working on other technology related entrepreneurial endeavors. I recently sold a website to a private equity firm, which I’ll share more about.

My background stems from mobile app and website development, where I became fascinated with the idea of sharing content with people anywhere in the world.

Through my online successes and failures, I hope to help others earn a living by using their phone/laptop and the internet. Let’s talk, zach@moneynomad.com !Rob's boat photo

Rob – Blogger

Although I spend most of my time developing content (blogs and articles) for business websites, I also play around with a plethora of entrepreneurial ideas on the side. I love experimenting with new business concepts and finding ways to help others make a living doing what excites them.

When not reading, talking, or writing about business, I enjoy traveling, trying new vegetarian foods, and meeting strangers.

Looking forward to seeing you around the site, our social media accounts, and maybe one day in-person

Contributing writers: Maybe you

Money Nomad shares articles from a variety of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and world travelers who are enjoying the digital nomad lifestyle. If you would like to contribute an article in exchange for an author byline and access to our audience, hop over to the contribute page. I look forward to seeing your article ideas!