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Affiliate Programs I Use to Make Money on My Blog

Writing the Money Nomad blog is a lot of fun. It’s also a way for me to assist others in managing their finances, launching their own businesses, and maximizing their travel experiences.

Although I enjoy blogging as a hobby, the more I earn from this site, the more time I can spend providing additional value to my readers.

If you enjoy the content on Money Nomad (or simply appreciate my charming personality) you can help support the future development of this site by using the affiliate links throughout the site (including those listed here).

Depending on the service, I receive payment when you make a purchase or sign up through these links. And there is no additional cost for you! Businesses simply budget these affiliate commissions into their rates as part of their marketing.

So, anytime you think about using one of these services, I would truly appreciate you using my links here. Also, if you’re a blogger yourself, you may want to look into promoting these programs to help monetize your own website (just remember that you always want to be ethical and honest with your promotions and reviews).

My Affiliate Programs By Category

Here are the current services that I use and promote throughout my blog, by category. If you begin your shopping experience through any of these links, I’ll receive a commission and give you a virtual high five (or a real one if we cross paths in person)!

Business and Entrepreneurship

  • This is one of the most amazing website for any business owner, freelancer, or creative individual. Buy and sell services starting at just $5! I’ve made a handsome chunk of change using Fiverr – for both myself and my clients.
  • SEOClerk: Another microjobs site like Fiverr, I’ve used SEOClerk for both buying and selling gigs as well. Although not as updated as Fiverr, the site can provide some great deals on a wide range of online services – and it’s worthwhile posting your own there as well.
  • Bluehost web hosting: The service I currently use to host Money Nomad (and several other websites), this is a great starter hosting plan. I’ve been able to grow my site and manage large influxes in traffic for just $3.95/month! If you use this link, you can get 50% off your hosting, a free domain and free WordPress install!
  • WPEngine hosting: Once your website starts drawing in a large amount of traffic, this is probably the best hosting platform to use (if your site runs on WordPress). I’ve heard many good things about this and I will probably transfer to this service shortly as my following continues to grow.
  • Weebly websites: There are a lot of people who enjoy the easy drag and drop of Weebly. If you’re just getting started with your online presence and want an inexpensive and easy-to-use tool, check this out. I still prefer hosting WordPress sites using the tools above, but Weebly works for some businesses.
  • Affiliate Network: If you want to sign up for a variety of the affiliate programs mentioned above (or start an affiliate program for your own website), a great place to start is Share A Sale. Many of the affiliate programs I use are registered through this site.
  • Flex Offers Affiliate Network: If you are new to blogging and affiliate advertising, then Flex Offers may just be the best place to start! They allow you to join many popular affiliate programs that generally won’t pay attention to you until you’re bringing in major traffic. So take a look here if you want to make money off of your own blog.

Everyday Shopping

  • Amazon Smile: If you shop Amazon through the link to the left, two great things happen. First, I receive a small commission for your purchases. Second, a charity of your choice receives 0.5% of what you spend! Definitely a win for everyone.
  • This discount gift card reseller allows you to purchase gift cards at substantially lower rates. Find your favorite restaurants, mall retailers, and gas stations for up to 45% off! Especially when making large purchases (new computer, home repair, etc.) these gift cards really save you some cash.
  • Cashback shopping is always awesome. And Giving Assistant is my new favorite cashback store. Purchase from big brand companies like Dell and Target, and receive up to 20% back! Plus, you get a $5 bonus just for signing up. Plus, a meal is given to a homeless person every time you make a purchase through their site.
  • Ebates: The largest cashback portal out their, Ebates offers more options than Giving Assistant. However, the cashback rates aren’t quite as good. But you do receive a $10 gift card just for signing up! So it’s another website worth joining.
  • This is a very cool new shopping portal that promises to save you up to 20% on every purchase. How does it work? Primarily by finding the best shopping deals – when shipping is included. In other words, if you want to buy two items, sometimes you can save more by paying slightly higher for one of those items at a store that will provide free shipping. It’s definitely a site worth checking out – and they offer a nice little signup deal.


  • Fundrise Crowdfunded Real Estate: If you’re interested in owning real estate without having to manage it, check out Fundrise. My real estate investments are currently earning a 9.5% annual return! And they have a new growth investment coming out where they are targeting 20% annual returns.
  • Betterment: If you want to invest in the stock market but don’t want to deal with handling the complexities of buying and selling individual stocks, this is an excellent service to use. You simply set your risk level (growth or conservative) and the computer allots your stocks appropriately.
  • Motif Investing: Motif Investing allows you to purchase up to 30 stocks at a time for a flat rate of $10 (far cheaper than $10 a stock). Plus, Motif Investing has access to early IPO’s – which means you can purchase stocks a day before they’re available to the general public.
  • Trade King: For regular stock and option trading, this is probably the best priced platform on the market. Buy and sell stocks and options for just $5 per trade. This is where I started my own investment journey.
  • Lending Club: Peer-to-peer lending is a brilliant concept. Borrowers don’t have to pay as much in interest rates, and investors are able to receive higher returns than they would from a savings account (while still keeping a relatively safe return). My Lending Club investments are currently making me 7.5% annual return. Not too shabby.


  • I love using this site because they offer a free night every time you buy 10 through their portal! It’s essentially a rewards program that doesn’t require you to stay at the same hotel chain every time you travel.
  • AirBnB: If you sign up through my AirBnB link, we both get a $40 bonus that can be used for your next stay. I’ve used AirBnB for everything from overnight trips to my current three month stint in Costa Rica. It’s a great place to find non traditional lodging.
  • Traveling Europe by train is a fantastic experience – and one that everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. I’ve found that the best deals on Europe train tickets come from Rail Europe – which allows you to buy passes you can use for unlimited travel for anywhere from one day to a few months. If you’re under 26 you receive an extra discount.
  • STA Travel: If you’re a student planning to travel Europe, Asia, Australia, or pretty much anywhere, you may want to sign up for the STA travel card. It can save you a lot of money in airline fees, hotel/hostel fees, and offer discounts for a variety of restaurants and activities. I used it while backpacking Europe and it more than paid for itself.
  • Another great hotel portal with lodging opportunities from all around the world, is a go-to spot for vacations to anywhere. It’s a great place to seek out and plan your next trip.
  • Sandals Resorts: I spent my honeymoon at Sandal’s in Jamaica and it was awesome. If you’re looking for a worry-free all inclusive vacation, you certainly want to check out Sandal’s resorts.
  • HomeAway: For vacationers interested in spending their trip with a full rental house, HomeAway is the go-to place. We used them for a family vacation in France and it’s a great experience.
  • VRBO: Owned by HomeAway, VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner) is another vacation rental portal where you can find a collection of properties to rent when you are interested in booking the entire home.
  • Expedia: If you’re looking for great travel deals, one of the obvious go-to sites is Expedia. As I have done some freelance writing for Expedia, I can tell you that they offer incredible deals on occasion – so keep your eyes out! And of course, they’re always a great site for finding airfare and planning your next vacation.
  • Priceline: Another great vacation planning portal, one of the coolest elements of Priceline is the ability to choose your own price and book a mystery hotel. If you want a great deal, and aren’t set on a particular brand, this is definitely worth looking into.
  • Turo: An AirBnB for cars, Turo allows you to rent out your car or rent other people’s vehicles while traveling. With $1 million in insurance coverage, you can be confident that your vehicle will be safe. Get $25 for your first rental just by signing up!


  • SoFi student loan consolidation: Anyone with student loans over 4% could benefit from consolidating their loans through SoFi – a platform currently offering interest rates starting at 2.15-3.5%. Change out a 6% interest rate loan over the span of 10 years and you’ll save a lot. Plus, they freeze your payments if you go unemployed at anytime. That’s a great deal! And to make it even better, by using this offer you receive an additional $100 when you sign up. From multiple people I’ve spoken with, this company is worth looking into.
  • Wyzant tutoring: I’ve used this service in the past. And whether you’re looking for a tutor or a way to make a few extra bucks by tutoring, it’s worth checking out.  The platform has tutors covering everything from statistics, to French, to guitar. And you can get a $20 credit by using this coupon.

That’s the majority of them! Again, if you’re willing to shop or sign up through my links above, I would truly appreciate it. 🙂 And if you end up finding other referral or affiliate programs that you like, share your links with me and I’ll be sure to use them the next time I make a purchase.


Rob is enthusiastic about everything related to money and investing. A financial analyst and instructor, he enjoys using what he’s learned from 10 years of studying business and money to help others achieve financial stability. He founded Money Nomad in 2014!

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  1. That’s a pretty extensive list. I wasn’t expecting that many from so many different categories. Some of these service I use & didn’t realize they had an affiliate program. Some of them are through FlexOffers.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you caught a few you might be able to implement Josh! The greatest discovery is realizing that a service you already use and talk about has an affiliate program – so hopefully this helps you out a bit.

      And because FlexOffers is an middle-man portal, it allows you to get access to larger programs that only support bloggers with high views. On the downside, it also limits reduces the commission you earn. So, it’s a great place to start – and then start contacting the companies directly as you grow.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Very cool post, Rob. I’ve been in the process of building up my affiliate links. It can take a lot of time to join them and keep track of them all, let alone get them integrated on the site! But it’s a long-term game.

    1. You’re absolutely right! I didn’t pay attention to any of this for the first two years of blogging, and am only finally starting to get going with affiliate offers – and it really can be profitable! It’s not has challenging as one would think to monetize your blog with affiliate posts. Especially when writing about topics like personal finance. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Wow…I had no idea there were so many affiliate sites…and I use so many of them! Will do through your links.

    1. And this is just a small portion of them! Nearly every business as an affiliate program – so they’re worth finding if you’re a blogger. Why not make a few dollars every time you mention something useful to your readers? I certainly appreciate your willingness to check out and use my links on occasion. Virtual high-five! 🙂

  4. Perfect timing as I am trying to monetize my blog this week! I always thought you need like 100k viewers a month to monetize but I was very wrong. While larger viewership helps getting some money as I start out will be useful. Will definitely be adding some of these to the site. Do you use any websites such as CJ or ShareaSale to consolidate them?

    1. All it takes is a single purchase and you’re making money! And some affiliate programs pay up to $100 – so it doesn’t take much. I do use CJ and Share a Sale – along with FlexOffers. Good luck getting your affiliate offers up and running.

    1. There are some networks that allow you to sign up to multiple programs and sell multiple products (Amazon, CJ, FlexOffers, ShareASale, etc). However, you should be able to scroll to the bottom of any website and see an “Affiliate” link if they have a program. Simply click on that and they’ll tell you where and how to sign up! Some companies only want to work with people who deliver high profits for the company, so you may not be able to sign up for many right away, but you should certainly be able to start finding programs to join once you have a few people visiting your site (especially if you use the project and discuss being a fan of their company). Let me know if you have more questions!

  5. Great list! I am in the process of adding more affiliates to my blog. I just did a post about using PicMonkey and they have an affiliate program. I use it to make all my blog images.

    1. That would be a great one to use I’m sure! Thanks for sharing and I wish you the best in growing your blog following and monetization. 🙂

  6. Wow! I had no idea there were so many affiliate programs! I become a blogger a little over a year ago, but just recently started looking into affiliate programs as I am trying to make some money to help support my blog. This list will definitely help! Thanks for compiling this extensive list! I can’t wait to start trying several of these!

    1. Glad to help! And I’ll add more as I come by them and start using. Best of luck as you begin the journey to monetization! That’s when your blog goes from hobby to business. 🙂

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