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Can Marriage Feature in the Digital Nomad Lifestyle?

For many, the digital nomad lifestyle is one that we all aim for and it’s easy to see why. With the complete flexibility to fit our working life around our personal lives, the opportunity to travel wherever we wish and work whatever projects take our fancy, who wouldn’t all of that?

The lifestyle, however, does come with its cons in the way it can be difficult to maintain romantic relationships. When you constantly move between different locations around the world, while you meet lots of amazing people along the way, you don’t often get the opportunity to stay in touch, never mind form a solid romantic relationship.


Digital Nomad Couples

Most likely, any couple that takes on the digital nomad lifestyle has been involved with each before embarking on their new lifestyle. They did not meet while on the road, instead of meeting in a more conventional manner. That isn’t to say that it is not possible for couples to meet on their travels, but most relationships are akin to holiday romances as opposed to future marriage material.

Travel couple


Embarking on the nomadic lifestyle is a big decision that both parties should take seriously. Traveling together means that you are never alone wherever you are in the world, always having someone there when you might otherwise be lonely and/or feeling isolated if you ever struggle to adapt to new surroundings.


Nomadic Weddings

When you are both constantly on the move, how are you supposed to plan a wedding, never mind have one? If you fall in love, it is only natural that you might one day want to marry the person that you are with. You will also, probably, want all of your friends and family to be present as you exchange vows.

Beach wedding

That means finding a location that suits you and your guests. If you are both from the same country, that probably won’t be a problem, but if you come from separate areas that are when a problem arises. While the two of you might be used to travelling around the world, that isn’t to say that friends and family are.

A big wedding is likely to be off the cards, which means you will want to look at tying the knot in a small yet tasteful setting. If you check this website out, you will find a good example of the type of venue that would be ideal.

Organisation is Key to a Happy Married Nomadic Life

If you really want to make married life on the road work, you will. It is as simple as that. With both of you on the nomadic lifestyle together, you will both be working whilst travelling, which means being with each other 24/7 – even for the most committed of couples, constantly being together can be a lot.

Organize your schedules

Organise your work days so as they intertwine. This way, you have time away from each other (at least in a working sense) and will better appreciate the time you are with each other. Equally, you don’t want to be uncoordinated to the point that you work at separate times as it might feel that do not spend time together, even though you are travelling around the world with each other.


It Can be Done

If anyone tells you that, to live a happily married life together, you need to be stationary then they are wrong. Yes, being married on the road might present a unique set of challenges, especially when kids come into the equation, but it can be done.

When you decide together that the nomad life is for you, then the world truly is your oyster.

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