I have been following the evolution of Kindle Unlimited for quite a while now – extremely curious as to whether or not the $10/month would be worth it.

Finally, with the discount that Amazon provided on here on Prime Day, I decided to dive in and purchase a 2 year membership.

It’s one week in, and I’m loving it!

If you are thinking about joining Kindle Unlimited yourself, here are answers to a few questions that I had before signing up:

1. Is it Possible to Share Kindle Unlimited with Friends and Family?

Before I signed up for Amazon Kindle, I was scouring the internet trying to find the answer to this question. After all, if my wife and I could both have access to the huge collection of Kindle books, then this deal would undoubtedly be worth it. Unfortunately, no one had an answer to this question. Therefore, one of my reasons for buying a subscription was to find an answer to this question. And I did.

In short, Amazon does not allow you to share your Kindle Unlimited benefits with another account – like they do with Amazon Prime. Although Prime benefits can be shared with a friend or spouse (including the access to music and videos), you cannot share your Kindle Unlimited benefits with another account. Not even your spouse’s.

But, you can read and listen to Kindle Unlimited books from multiple devices. Therefore, if you are comfortable sharing your account information with someone else, they can read and listen to books from one devices, while you read and listen from another. Although I doubt that it is legal to share your account information with a bunch of buddies, if you and your spouse share an account anyway, then you can both gain access to the Kindle Unlimited library!

2. Are There Any Books Worth Reading on Kindle Unlimited?

If you only enjoy reading best-sellers, than Amazon Kindle may not be for you.

Although they do occasionally add popular titles (like both the Lord of the Rings and the Hunger Game series), most of the books are self-published and relatively short.

However, if you are interested in learning about a specific topic or simply entertaining yourself, then Kindle Unlimited is a great resource. Because of my enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal finance, I have hit a treasure trove of reading material with KU. The huge collection of money books gives me the opportunity to learn from many authors and perspectives.

Thus, if you want to read specific books, skip out on Kindle Unlimited. However, if you want to learn about a specific topic, or entertain yourself, than Kindle Unlimited may be worth trying.

3. Are There Any Good Audiobooks on Kindle Unlimited?

One of my favorite features about Kindle Unlimited is the vast collection of audiobooks. In addition to over 600,000 ebooks, you gain access to over 8,000 audiobooks.

Now, I must be honest, many of the books that I would like to read do not have audio available. However, I have been able to find plenty of quality audiobooks to fill up any available listening time I have.

And yes, the Lord of the Rings and Hunger Games are both available as audiobooks on Kindle Unlimited.

When you stop to consider that Audible credits run $15 per book, the $10/month for the ability to listen to several books provides an opportunity to save substantially. This is particularly beneficial for someone with a long commute, mundane job, or naggy family members.

amazon-kindle-unlimited4. Can I Keep Books I’ve Downloaded After My KU Subscription Ends?

Although you have access to hundreds of thousands of books with this membership, once you end your subscription, you lose everything.

While this is a bit of a bummer, I think most of us view digital books differently than physical books anyway. If I want to keep a book, I’ll buy the hardcover and skip out on the digital version.

5. How Much Money Do Authors Make with Kindle Unlimited?

Here’s the second most essential question in my mind. If you or I write a book and allow it to be borrowed on Kindle Unlimited, how much money do we get?

From what I’ve gathered, a Kindle Unlimited pot is collected from all of the subscriptions and distributed evenly across all of the authors who had books read that month.

While commissions vary, each author receives around half a penny per page read. In other words, a 100 page book will land you $0.50, while a 20 page mini-book might net you $0.10. It’s certainly not much if you’re trying to make money from this book directly. However, it could be a great way to introduce people to your brand and writing.

From what I’ve read, if you are an amateur author, making your book available on Kindle Unlimited is certainly worth the time. Not only does it mean your book will gain more visibility, but there are a lot of people who will be willing to check out your book if it doesn’t cost them anything extra.

Kindle Unlimited – Another Win for Amazon

Although I generally have a distaste for large companies that dominate a market – Amazon has continually amazed me. In my book, Kindle Unlimited is another win for Amazon.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried KU? Would you try it? I would love to here your responses in the comments section below.

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