A Cheap Way to Watch Movies While Traveling: Our VidAngel Review

VidAngel is a streaming service that brings you new releases starting at just $1/day and enables you to watch from anywhere on the globe. The way VidAngel is able to provide this is through their model of purchase; that is you buy the movie from them for $20 and then they buy it back from you for a dollar less each day.

The mission of VidAngel is “to ensure families everywhere have the option to filter content as they wish.” This is great if you’re travelling with your kids or young family members and want to censor a particularly mature scene or lines. This might not be ideal for those who enjoy to view a movie the original unfiltered way.

However, at it’s core VidAngel is a great tool to use in order to watch videos around the globe, without having to add a VPN blocker (#NetflixStruggles)! They even have a “Not On Netflix” section, so you don’t have to waste your time browsing through movies you may have already watched.

Ready to enjoy your first movie for just $1 using VidAngel? Follow these steps:

1. Sign-up by clicking here!

You’ll see a big blue “SIGN-UP” button in the upper right hand corner. The sign-up process is extremely simple, all you need to provide is an email and password.

2. Browse the movies & choose your film

I watched The Lobster, it was a rather interesting film. I’d recommend it if you’re into indies. However, it’s a rather sad and lonely storyline, so choose something else if you’re in the mood for a comedy or something more uplifting.

3. Enter your card, set your filters & you’re ready to watch

Make sure you have some popcorn and candy first, of course!

4. Watch your film & share with us what you chose in the comments

This is for entirely selfish purposes. I’m really just on the hunt for some good new flicks!

5. Sell back your film and you’ll only be charged $1!

You are reimbursed your $19 through VidAngel credits. No worries, if you decide to stop using the service you can be refunded the money.

Overall Review

I found the entire process to be super simple and easy to enjoy. I found their selections to be very robust and containing a wide variety of genres. Also, I loved how you can quickly and easily watch a trailer straight through their site.

My biggest caveat is the filtering. I understand their mission and I’m sure there are families and people out there who will be very grateful they can edit out certain things they’d rather not view. I, however, would prefer to watch the movie as intended by the writers/directors/producers,etc. I don’t like how they require you to add a filter. I simply chose to bleep out the 3 “gosh darnits” my film had. Ultimately, it didn’t affect my viewing pleasure too much.

Final Score

4.5/5 stars! I’ll happily entertain excluding a few curse words from a movie in order to watch from anywhere in the world, for just a $1, hassle free! Try VidAngel yourself and share your thoughts with us.

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  1. My wife & I haven’t used VidAngel as our internet connection is too slow to stream long movies :-(, but we know others that use it & love it. Now that I’m a parent there are movies I loved growing and realized there is content I do not want my children to see.

    Plus I think there seems to be more variety compared to Netflix, which seems to be 90% tv series and B-list movies.

    1. I’m sure being a parent makes VidAngel all the better — it seems like you suddenly notice a LOT more language/etc. when there are kids around. And I agree, Netflix has a lot of great content — but they are limited in the number of high-quality films they offer.

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