Complete AmzScout Review: A Jungle Scout Alternative?

Being an Amazon seller for nearly 5 years has given me the opportunity to use many different Amazon selling tools. Some of these tools were tremendously helpful in increasing sales and profitability, while some lacked features and credible data. In this AmzScout review, you see first hand why AmzScout is one of the top tools for Amazon sellers, and if you aren’t using it, you need to be…I guarantee you’re missing out on sales.

As a little background information, I have started several Amazon FBA businesses from the ground up and have seen sales over the six-figure mark. From these experiences, I have begun helping clients purchase already established FBA businesses that don’t want to start from scratch. All this to say that I have seen many different aspects of FBA selling which helped me create a better review for you.

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AmzScout Seller Earnings

AmzScout Review, Table Of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. AmzScout Pro Extension
  3. Product Database
  4. Keywords Explorer
  5. Product Tracker
  6. AmzScout Pricing
  7. AmzScout vs Jungle Scout
  8. Customer Service Experience
  9. FREE AmzScout Resources
  10. Conclusion

AmzScout Overview

AmzScout was created by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers. The AmzScout founders experienced first hand the amount of time that was needed to be spent in finding products to sell, with often less than staggering results. Thanks to algorithms and developer data from Amazon, companies like AmzScout have been able to create tools that drastically reduce the time it takes to find a profitable product to sell and speed up the product listing process.

AmzScout is comprised of a Chrome Extension, which is one of the most feature-heavy extensions for Amazon sellers, along with a Web App, free resources and awesome customer service. In this review, I will go into depth about each tool and the beneficial features. After spending much time using all of the AmzScout tools I can confidently say this is one of the best, if not the best, tool that an Amazon seller can be using. If you are looking for a Jungle Scout alternative then look no further, I think you have found it!

AmzScout Earnings

AmzScout Pro Chrome Extension

As I mentioned previously, the AmzScout pro extension is probably the best Chrome Extension on the market. It’s easy to use and filled with usable features. If you stop reading the review right here, make sure you buy the extension, it will up your Amazon sales!

AmzScout Free Trial

Within seconds you, an Amazon seller, can see the sales figures for products within any niche. This data is crucial in helping to determine which niches are profitable and which ones are overly competitive. Let me show you how to use AmzScout extension and the features that I found to be most helpful.

Amazon General Search

After doing a search in Amazon on Google Chrome, click the AmzScout logo in the top right-hand corner of the browser to gather product data.

AmzScout Pro Chrome Extension Search Results

Once the list has populated you’ll see a plethora of data. At a glance, you can see the averages for the top 65 products within the niche you searched. I use the average data to quickly determine if a niche is worth exploring more. Be aware that sometimes irrelevant products appear in the list which skews the data. If you see a product that doesn’t fit simply hover over it in the list and press the “X”. The averages will update.

To find the trends or keywords of a particular product, select the dropdown carrot on the left-hand side.

AmzScout Chrome Extension Individual Result

You can add the product to the web app tracker, open a profit calculator, see product history, get keywords, find on Alibaba, find at Google or copy the ASIN.

Here is what the profit calculator looks like for the floating shelf used in the example above:

AmzScout Chrome Extension Product Profit Calculator

The product history appears like this:

AmzScout Chrome Extension Product History

And lastly, the list of keywords for this particular product appears like this:

AmzScout Chrome Extension Individual Product Keywords

Now, looking at the niche as a whole and not a specific product, we can pull up the trend and keywords (with count) that make up the entire product niche.

AmzScout Chrome Extension General Niche Keywords

AmzScout Chrome Extension Niche History

One of my favorite features of the pro extension is the filter button. If you decide to use the filter feature, you can adjust the products that appear in the search results, removing outliers or low price leaders that you may not be concerned about!

AmzScout Chrome Extension Filters

Web App

The AmzScout web app consists of three main features, a product database, keywords explorer, and product tracker. Below I have separated out each feature to outline the most helpful features:

1. The Product Database

The product database was created to help Amazon sellers find potentially profitable products to sell. The database can be filtered and a seed keyword can be entered to find similar products. Once a search has been run, the data for each product, including a photo, quickly appears. With the data easily laid out, an Amazon seller can quickly scroll through the list of products looking for key values such as estimated revenue or a net dollar amount. I suggest setting filters to eliminate overly competitive products and products that don’t offer a great enough profit margin.

If you enter in a seed keyword in the search bar (you can do an empty search with no keyword) you are then able to click the “View Trends” button which shows the Google Trend of that specific niche. This is a time saver as you don’t want to enter a niche that is downward trending or almost “dead”.

Additionally, different Amazon marketplaces can be analyzed.

AmzScout Product Database

Product Database

2. Keywords Explorer

Probably my favorite tool within the web app is the Keywords Explorer. Keywords Explorer has two main functions in my opinion. First, it can be used to find relevant keywords that should be included within your Amazon product listing. Second, it can be used to find product niches.

Start by entering in a seed keyword in the search box. After about 30 seconds, a list of keywords will begin to appear containing that keyword. Now simply scroll through the list looking at the search volume if you’re trying to find a product to sell, or be on the lookout for keyword variations for the product your selling. When you find these keyword variations make sure to include them in your listing for maximum exposure.

Pro tip, the list can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet!

AmzScout Keyword Explorer

3. Product Tracker

The Product Tracker is an easy to use tool that keeps track of any product that you might consider selling and that should be saved for further evaluation. If you’re using the pro extension you can save a product directly to the product tracker, or you can manually enter it into the product tracker directly. Once a product has been added you don’t need to worry about losing it. Additionally, all of the product’s important stats are listed out and finding trends and potential suppliers is made possible with easy access buttons.

AmzScout Product Tracker

AmzScout Pricing

The AmzScout pro extension pricing is simple:

  • $44.99 per month
  • or $199 for a lifetime subscription

I recommend the lifetime subscription as it’s paid for itself in 4.5 months if you are to pay monthly.

AmzScout Pro Chrome Extension Pricing

The AmzScout web app pricing is:

  • Basic plan, $14.99 month
  • Starter plan, $19.99 month
  • Business plan, $29.99 month

Click here to learn more about the different plans.

AmzScout Pricing

Remember, any tool that you purchase is a business expense meaning the cost is tax-deductible from your Amazon profits when you file taxes!

AmzScout vs Jungle Scout

Many sellers compare AmzScout to Jungle Scout, and it’s understandable why. Their interfaces are very similar, as are their names and even color schemes. The first tool that I used as a new Amazon seller years ago was Jungle Scout, and I never had any issue with the tool. Since then, companies like AmzScout have used Jungle Scout as a “base” and then added more features and sophistication on top. I have only good things to say about each tool, and you can read a review I wrote about Jungle Scout here. In the screenshots below, I ran both the AmzScout and Jungle Scout Chrome extensions side by side to compare the results. Their results varied, with Jungle Scout showing, in most cases, greater sales and revenue. I’m not saying one is more correct than the other, but I wanted to point out that their results are different.

Neck Pillow AmzScout Results VS Jungle Scout

Neck Pillow Jungle Scout Results

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the AmzScout vs Jungle Scout debate, leave a comment at the end of this review. Is AmzScout the best Jungle Scout alternative?

My Customer Service Experience

I take customer service seriously. If a company doesn’t put the time into quality customer service then I lose a lot of faith and credibility in their services. From my personal experiences, I can say that AmzScout is a company that takes pride in offering top notch customer service to match their top notch tools.

I had several questions that needed to be answered and each time, via email, I received a timely response from a knowledgeable AmzScout team member. I actually looked forward to emailing customer support as I knew my question was going to get answered! If you end up purchasing any of the AmzScout tools know that customer support is there and wants to help you succeed. Here are some other successful Amazon sellers that use AmzScout.

AmzScout Users

AmzScout Free Resources

There are several free resources that I wanted to note that can help beginning Amazon sellers. These resources include:

Wrap Up

As I mentioned in the beginning, I’ve used Jungle Scout, Helium 10, Ahrefs and AmzScout over the years to become a successful Amazon seller. Each tool has functionality that others lack, however, I think AmzScout has done the best job offering super feature heavy tools in a compact and user friendly experience. The AmzScout tools are intuitive and easy to navigate, which is hugely important in saving time…you shouldn’t have to spend time figuring out how a tool works.

AmzScout Earnings

If you’re looking for a full package tool that will help you increase sales, conversions, and profitability then look no further. I highly suggest you give AmzScout a try, plus they offer a free trial. I look forward to hearing of your new-found Amazon success once you have begun to use AmzScout.

Email me directly with any questions related to these tools or Amazon selling, I’d be happy to help.

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