Complete Booty Bands Review – Exercise Made Easy While Traveling

Simply said this piece of “equipment” is the best travel companion you will find. Size, weight and functionality, there are no restrictions.

As reviews go, my intent is to provide a concise overview of the Booty Bands and how I selected this brand. 

Booty Bands Review – Key Points

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Soft, flexible and durable
  • Does not fold, wrinkle or roll
  • Wide for added support
  • Versatile
  • Faster shipping than stated

Finding Out About The Booty Bands

It all began with a trip. Traveling to and fro has its ups and downs including the lack of opportunity to work out. On any given day I might run, strength train, aqua aerobics, or bike. But on this particular trip, none of those endeavors were going to happen. So here we were at a convention when I happen to ask the well-sculpted woman I was working with, “so what do you do to stay in shape?” Her immediate reply was the “Booty Bands, it goes with me when I travel”. Her brief description of the band, how she uses it and how she looked was intriguing. 

Once back on the west coast I began the research. Having to travel to Tahiti in just a few weeks I had lingering thoughts of wearing my bathing suit. Ugh! I needed to do something quick and impactful to improve what I consider to be, “my flabby bottom”. 

Upon being overwhelmed by the glutton of resistance band options I settled to research the Booty Bands. My reasoning was that if it could work wonders for my friend then maybe it could work its’ magic on me? After reading the Booty Bands reviews and watching the demonstration videos that support the program, I then researched the price. Since I can be frugal at times, I decided to research other options at a lesser price point. 

The ‘Not So Good’ Latex Competitor Bands

Although there are a plethora of resistance bands on the market, the reviews about these did not inspire me nor did the videos. So, I went back to the Booty Bands and placed my order. Now, this is where it gets interesting, after purchasing the Booty Bands the shipping time was indicated to be 10 days to 2 weeks or more! Remember, I was leaving for Tahiti in 12 days. I had hoped to receive the band in time to use and improve my bikini body (this is not easy to do at age 56.) 

Because of the indicated lag in shipping from the Booty Bands company, I decided to order a very inexpensive set of resistance bands that could be delivered in two days. I was disappointed because I had expected to order the Booty Bands so that I might look as good as my friend who had initially recommended the Booty Bands. Did I mention that my friend is 60 years old? That being said, I was pleasantly surprised when the cheaper bands arrived early…and then I opened the box.

As the strong latex smell permeated the room the elastic bands felt even worse around my skin. I like to wear shorts when I work out because I tend to get hot easily (its called Hot Flashes for those young ones reading this review.). I began to try the varying levels and found that the most difficult level was the only one that I felt could be effective. However, I was not motivated to use these as I needed to find the exercises on YouTube. Well, that was a waste of money. That’s what I get for being cheap.

Since I have knee problems (as does my friend that I have been referring to) I was looking for some support in that area while doing specific exercises such as squats. She had described the support she gets and how she does squats while pushing out with her knees against the band. So, I would wait for the “Booty Bands”—to my surprise it arrived weeks early. 

“Not only did my flabby bottom firm up, but I am stronger all around.” – Cynthia

Why The Booty Bands Excels

Imagine my shock as the company exceeded my delivery expectations. Now the moment of truth. As I opened the box there was no stinky smell, but instead, I was greeted with a happy purple color of fabric peeking through. As I unwrapped the clear cellophane the soft, silky fabric beckoned me to slip it around my legs and to try a squat supported by the unusual width of the band. It worked! My knees did not go in. I quickly watched the well-produced instructional videos sent to me by the company. 

Many of the videos are produced on the beach. Since I live on the coast I could easily relate to the hundreds of people I see each day exercising at the beach. And since many of my around the world trips are beach bound I knew I had found my perfect travel companion.

After just a few days of using the Booty Bands (probably more often than I was instructed), I could see and feel a difference. Within 9 days I could feel that my legs were stronger when I ran and weight training was a bit easier. (I’ve been telling my husband that he needs to use the Booty Bands since he has NO butt. He’s just not allowed to use mine though. He sweats and I glow.) 

Tahiti Bound With The Booty Bands

Travel day arrived and my trusty companion did not go in the suitcase, but in my carry on. I was looking forward to using it at our Tahitian bungalow. Traveling to Tahiti takes 14-16 hours. Arriving at midnight made for a dark introduction to our bungalow surroundings. And after seeing that there was little room on the floor in this uniquely beautiful water bungalow I decided to utilize the bed at a platform. It was firm enough for the exercises that I had reviewed and could remember. (The videos are designed to be a 10-day plan with a day off in between videos. I had only seen 9 days worth.) I felt better already.

And then I felt great! As the bright morning sun danced across the ripples of the emerald colored water, the beautiful deck beckoned me to enjoy the sights and sounds of Tahiti. Canoes rowed by, boats sailed and swimmers glided through the clear coastal water. I couldn’t wait to use my Booty Bands outdoors. I will admit, that I received a few lingering looks, but I was content to be literally over the water while exercising comfortably on my own deck. I was watching the fish below as I counted through my varied routine. While staying at the Intercontinental Hotel for two days there were plenty of grassy spaces, as well as an air-conditioned gym in which to use the Booty Bands, but our private balcony was ideal.

Since this trip also included a cruise to several islands we had booked an excursion on each of these including circumnavigating Bora Bora on jet skis. This experience was harrowing, to say the least. For one hour I squeezed my thighs around my husband as we bounced and bobbed at 50 mph over the rough seas. Let’s put it this way, I even tore my bathing shorts from gripping so hard. Once we descended the jet skis my legs and butt felt stronger than ever and I was grateful that I had been using the Booty Bands for 2 weeks. I was ready to conquer the 6-mile hike in Taha, bike the hills of Morea and swim with the sharks and stingray. 

The Booty Bands accompanied me on our private balcony while residing on the Paul Gauguin Tahitian Cruise ship. I also used it in our spacious stateroom. 

You Need To Try The Booty Bands!

I had mentioned that I can be frugal at times, but the $40.00 I paid for the Booty Bands has been well worth the investment. Not only did my flabby bottom firm up, but I am stronger all around. I look forward to using it at night as I watch television. The Booty Bands has entertained me, as well as strengthened me. I plan on ordering levels 2 and 3 as I prepare for more travel adventures with my Booty Bands. 

What’s Included For $40

Because the Booty Bands has exceeded my expectations all around-value, use, effectiveness and delivery time, I would highly recommend it. (In fact, I have too many of my friends and family.)

Healthy and happy travels to you!

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