Helium 10 Review: I Sold $120,000 In 8 Months Using Helium 10

In 2020 Amazon earned over $386 billion in revenue and consistently sees 38% year-to-year growth which is why there is no better time to become an Amazon seller than today. As Amazon selling became more popular, specifically FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), so has the need for a highly capable software dedicated to helping Amazon sellers succeed in a competitive marketplace. Several Amazon seller tools that were the “go to” a few years ago have since been surpassed by more robust and feature heavy options, such as Helium 10.

To create the ultimate Helium 10 review, I reached out to my good friend Jazz as he is an experienced Helium 10 user and asked him to share his thoughts and experience with the tools. Jazz became an Amazon FBA seller in early 2018, and within eight months had sold over $126,000 between two different accounts! Since Jazz credits much of his success to Helium 10, I thought he would be the perfect person to share a totally honest review and how Helium 10 can set you up for the same success.

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Table of Contents

  1. What Is Helium 10 and Why Is It So Powerful?
  2. Helium 10 Was Built With You In Mind
  3. Helium 10 Pricing +20% Discount Code
  4. Free 8 Week Amazon Selling Course, Freedom Ticket
  5. The 13 Helium 10 Tools
  6. Free Helium 10 Resources
  7. Common FAQ’s
  8. Comparison To Jungle Scout
  9. It’s Time For You To Become A Successful Amazon Seller
Amazon dashboard with $120,000 in sales
This is what’s possible using Helium 10

What Is Helium 10 and Why Is It So Powerful?

In short, Helium 10 is insanely powerful software tools for Amazon sellers. Helium 10 is comprised of 13 online based tools that are hosted through their website. Additionally, they offer a Chrome extension that integrates with the Amazon marketplace seamlessly. The Helium 10 tools eliminate much of the guesswork and labor intensive factors that come with selling on Amazon. Within the Helium 10 user dashboard, you have access to nearly every piece of data or information that you need to become a widely successful Amazon seller. It’s possible to sell on Amazon without software like Helium 10, but to see quick success and longterm growth Helium 10 is a must.

List of Why To Choose Helium 10

With other tools in the past, an Amazon seller would have to have subscriptions to multiple tools and piece information together since not one tool had the functionality to show all of the info …well that all changed with Helium 10. In one easy to use dashboard, all the information that you could ever need is right in front of you. You’ll no longer need ten different web browser tabs open and two computer screens.

New or Experienced, Helium 10 Was Built With You In Mind

Whether you’re considering getting involved with Amazon selling or have been a seller for many years, I can confidently say that Helium 10 will increase your profitability while saving you time. It did for me. Their tools are easy to use and pretty intuitive, within a few minutes of exploring the dashboard you’ll have the hang of it. The tools do show a lot of information that can be a tad overwhelming at first, but the learning curve is really short.

I think Helium 10 has become the best option as a Jungle Scout alternative. Zach is a long time user of Jungle Scout and has had success with their tools, but when compared to Helium 10 there really is no comparison. Helium 10 is clearly the leading Amazon seller tool on the market. Plus their free resources and excellent customer service should not go left unnoticed.

Main user dashboard for Helium 10

Just some features include competitor spying, keyword research, product research, listing optimization, refunds, alerts and much more.

Helium 10 Pricing

Helium 10 pricing is made up of a free plan plus three premium plans. The A La Carte plan starts at just $17/month. The Platinum plan costs $97/month. The Diamond plan costs $197/month. Helium 10 just added the Freedom Ticket FBA course, for free, to all Platinum and Diamond plans.

Being a Money Nomad reader, Helium 10 has offered you two different discount codes to choose from:

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Helium 10 Pricing ChartAs you can see from the Helium 10 pricing table, it’s offered in four different pricing plans that range from free to $197 per month. There is the option to pay on an annual basis, which is a two-month value savings.

My go to plan is the $97 per month platinum plan as it comes with all of the tools and features. I do think I will need to upgrade to the diamond plan since my Amazon business is growing and I’m considering adding a few employees. (With the diamond plan you can set what information your other users see, so if you want to hide revenue information this is doable!)

The “a la carte” plan will work if need one or two tools, but you’re selling yourself short if you are not using all of the Helium 10 tools. If you want to get your feet wet with Helium 10, then start with a free plan, but I can almost guarantee you will upgrade as soon as you realize the huge upside potential that the tool suite brings.

Get My Free Account Button

Free Amazon Selling Course, Freedom Ticket, With Select Accounts

Helium 10 just announced that they will be offering the Kevin King Freedom Ticket Amazon selling course for free to anyone with a platinum account or higher. Both Helium 10 and Freedom Ticket are now integrated, offering superior training which sets users up for the best Amazon success possible.

You can use this link to connect your account to Freedom Ticket, the most comprehensive Amazon FBA training available. The training is 8 weeks and is made up of 60+ videos, walkthroughs, slides with notes and 30+ handouts that can be used as quick reference guides.

Have you considered taking an Amazon FBA course? These courses teach you how to use Helium 10 in more depth.

What you get from the Freedom Ticket courseClick here to view the entire course details. Remember, this Amazon training is absolutely free for platinum and above users, so make sure to take advantage of this and up your Amazon selling!

Benefits of using freedom ticket


The 19 Helium 10 Tools:

1. Black Box

Gives you the power to find virtually any kind of product you might want to sell based on specific criteria. This tool is very popular and helps you find exactly what you are looking to sell.

Black Box is the premier Amazon product research tool that allows a seller to drill down and find a product niche that matches very specific criteria. An Amazon seller can use Black Box to filter products by monthly revenue, price, review metrics and shipping size tier. There is also an advanced filters tab that allows for even granular results.

Here is a screenshot showing what the Black Box user interface looks like, as you can see I entered in some search criteria.

Helium 10 dashboard

This screenshot shows several products that matched the specific criteria, and the list can be exported to a CSV file.

Black box results

The “Marketplace”, “Competitors”, “Niche”, and “Product Targeting” tabs allow for more in-depth product searching to ensure you are finding products that are not being found by hundreds of other sellers. Make sure to utilize these tabs and don’t just stick to the “marketplace” functionality.

Black Box also has the ability to search different Amazon marketplaces around the world; you’re not just stuck to searching Amazon North America for example. Also, you can save a search and resume later. This is the top product research tool on the market right now, no doubt. Super powerful and easy to use, spend some time using Black Box as it can help make you a successful Amazon seller.

2. Magnet

Magnet is a powerful keyword research tool that we use in unison with CEREBRO to help build up our keyword master lists. Enter the keyword or phrase that you want to search and Magnet goes to work mining the Amazon data to find you the most relevant keywords to the one you searched. Magnet actually pulls its results directly from Amazon so you know the data that it’s coming up with is accurate, unlike some of the keyword research tools on the market. This app has helpful filters that streamline the whole keyword research process, which ultimately saves you time sorting through all the data.

As you can see in the screenshot below, we have searched the keyword “garlic press” and applied the filters to only find results with a minimum of 500 searches per month, that also contain the words “stainless steel”. In the results, we can see a few of the top keywords that meet the criteria that we have filters for and this will allow us to make educated adjustments to our listing, ppc campaigns, launches, etc. Keywords are vital to succeeding on Amazon, end of story!

Magnet User Dashboard

3. Cerebro

Anyone who has had moderate success selling on Amazon will tell you that there are a few things that must be done right to ensure a listing will perform to the best of its’ abilities. Of those few things, KEYWORDS and keyword optimization are probably the most critical factors to the success of that listing. With that being said, Helium 10’s app, CEREBRO, is by far my favorite and most used tool when researching new products, creating listings, launching products, optimizing and updating existing listings, and creating profitable PPC (“pay per click”) campaigns.

CEREBRO is like the Swiss-Army knife of programs in the way that it is multifaceted with all of its’ different uses and how this one tool can be used for so many different stages in the selling process. This app is best known for the reverse ASIN feature, which basically lifts the curtain to that listing and shows you all the keywords that particular product is ranking and indexing for.

Cerebro user dashboard

This data is extremely helpful when looking for new products because it enables you to see the search volume for every keyword and in some cases, this can be a determining factor when choosing or eliminating a product from your potential product list. Another useful feature CEREBRO offers is the IQ Score, which is an internal score that shows the ratio between search volume and competition for that particular keyword or phrase. The higher the IQ Score, the better because this means there’s good search volume with little competition.

When planning to do a product giveaway you must first figure out what keyword, or keywords, you are going to rank for and then figure out how many units to give away. If you have no idea how to figure this out, don’t worry, because CEREBRO helps with this too. The CPR (Cerebro Product Rank) column, shown in the screenshot above, shows an estimation of how many units to give away, over an eight day period, for each keyword. I have personally used the CPR method numerous times and it has worked effectively to land me on the first page of search results for that specific keyword.

All in all, CEREBRO is a great tool that makes building and scaling an Amazon business a much easier process.

4. Frankenstein

Once we have found a product and done our keyword research using MAGNET and CEREBRO, we may be looking at a list of potentially thousands of keywords and phrases that are relevant to our listing. The keywords at this stage are in crude form and we use the FRANKENSTEIN app to polish them up, using various filters and tools specifically tuned for what outcome we desire.

Helium 10’s interface is very streamlined and works exactly how you think it should. Users can seamlessly transition from one app to another without having to close the current app that you may still be working on. For example, after finding the keywords you need in MAGNET, there is an export to FRANKENSTEIN feature that will automatically open a new browser tab and copy all the keywords for you. This feature doesn’t sound like a big deal but I have dealt with many programs that are not as user-friendly and it can make doing simple tasks take much longer than they should. For this reason, I give Helium 10’s developers the nod for creating a platform with great user interface-flow.

What Frankenstein keywords list looks like

Insert the bulk keyword list in the left column, apply the filters you want, and outcomes a list that is ready to for use.

5. Scribbles

Creating a fully optimized listing is imperative to having it perform well against the rest of the competition and to make sure our listing is all that it can be, we use SCRIBBLES. This tool helps us build out our listings by showing us the keywords/phrases that have the highest search volume, which ultimately is what we want in our listing. The more relevant keywords that you can index for in your listing, the higher you will rank overall. As you can see in the screenshot below, our keyword list has been imported directly from FRANKENSTEIN and shows up in a color-coordinated format. The highest search volume keywords show up red which indicates they are most relevant and thus they should be used in the respective places. The red words should be added first followed the orange, green, blue, and so on. This tool automatically crosses out the words that have already been used so you know exactly what needs to be added to the listing. This tool is beyond helpful and makes creating a powerful listing easier than you think.


6. Keyword Tracker

It’s important to know which keywords work and which ones do not. Track your keyword rank so you can adjust, add or remove keywords to keep your listing optimized.

Once you know which keywords you want to target, it’s important to track and see how the product is ranking for each specific keyword. At a glance, you will easily be able to see what search position your product is at on Amazon for a specific keyword or keyword phrase.

You’ll be able to see the estimated search volume for each keyword you are tracking, along with the number of competitors competing for that keyword and if your product is moving up or down in the rankings. Based on your keywords and descriptions used during the product listing, your product can rank for multiple keywords giving you potentially hundreds of different ways a customer can find your product, resulting in more sales. Having your product on the first page of results when someone is searching for a product is crucially important. It will be very difficult to generate any substantial sales on pages two and beyond, page one is the ultimate goal. Keyword Tracker will help you get to the goal of page one rank for many of your keywords.

Keyword Tracker results

In the screenshot, you can see that a specific collagen peptides power is ranked 164 for that keyword phrase, which isn’t good. If this were your product, I would suggest improving the listing quality, create PPC ad campaigns to drive sales and offer discounts. These three improvements should help move the product up towards the first page.
Remember, Keyword Tracker works for all of the Amazon marketplaces!

Keyword tracker works in different marketplaces

7. Index Checker

Quickly find out which keywords are being tracked by Amazon and which ones are not. Use this tool to eliminate bad keywords that are keeping good keywords from not ranking, costing you sales and profit.

Index Checker user dashboard

Once your listing is live, and you have worked the best keywords into your descriptions and details, you’ll need to see which keywords are being indexed, or registered, by Amazon. You can now find if Amazon is not indexing your product for a specific keyword you are trying to target, now you will know. If this does occur, consider working the keyword into your listing more times in a natural way.

Features of Index Checker

In our example, I am checking to see if specific keywords are being indexed for the putting green, as you will see from the checkmark on the right, all of the keywords except “baseball” are being indexed, which makes sense. Instead of wondering if Amazon is registering, simply check by using Index Checker! This tool is super easy to use and is intuitive.

8. Alerts

Safeguard your brand, buy box status and reputation with Alerts. Alerts will monitor your chosen ASINs and notify you if someone is altering your listing or selling your product.

Alerts is fairly new Helium 10 tool that used to be called Hijacker Alerts, but since more robust functionality was added they changed the name to just Alerts. Hooked the Alerts tool up to your Amazon seller account and it will begin the track all of your listings, looking for people who have hopped on your listing or that have edited the listing.

Helium 10 Alerts showing results

You can choose to have Alerts email or text if you if something changes on your listing, so you are notified in nearly real time and do not have to spend the time to check every day. Losing the buy box or having someone alter your listing can result in a loss of hundreds or thousands of dollars, so it’s essential to catch these changes right away.

Alerts checks for:

1.  product title change with the time this occurred
2. product description change with the time this occurred
3. product photo change with the time this occurred
4. product dimension change with the time this occurred
5. buy box lost with the time this occurred
6. buy box won with the time this occurred

Alerts will also notify you if Amazon accidentally changes your product dimensions to do inaccurate measuring on their end. This accidental change could lead to you paying extra fulfillment fees, which are not accurate.

Another cool feature that Alerts offers is screenshot updates of your products. Each day Alerts takes mobile and desktop screenshots of your listing so that you can go back and see any changes and past versions, no other tool offers this!

9. Inventory Protector

Set limits on how many items can be purchased by a single individual using a coupon code. Now offer discounts without having to worry about one person cleaning out your inventory for virtually nothing.

If you’re looking for a way to get a quick sales boost, then product discounts can be a good option. Amazon Seller Central gives you the ability to create discount codes, but if not configured correctly one person could buy all of your inventory at the discounted price, leaving you totally wiped out. Inventory Protector prevents this!

Allow the Inventory Protector to access your Amazon Seller account, and then use it to create discount codes that can only be redeemable once, protecting your inventory.

10. Refund Genie

Locate your lost or damaged inventory with Refund Genie and seek reimbursement from Amazon. This tool generates a detailed report that can be shared with Amazon to recoup any losses.

This whole Amazon journey can be quite daunting when taking a step back and looking at the sheer size and influence that Amazon has. With that being said, this is a big machine that we are all working with and for most new sellers, like myself, there are aspects of this business that we just don’t understand, yet. Amazon ships millions of packages a year and in doing so, some are bound to be damaged. So whose fault is that and who ends up paying for it? In my case, I really didn’t know. Fortunately, when I started using HELIUM 10 I learned that there’s an app that will look into your account to find money that you may be entitled to. I have been refunded a few hundred dollars over the short period I have been selling and I know much larger sellers receive thousands of dollars per year.

11. Trendster

In seconds determine if a product will have steady sales year-around, or find out if the product is seasonal with significant demand fluctuations.

Trendster is an Amazon trends finder that analysis both ASIN’s and keywords while showing sales rank and pricing history. You have the option to just enter in ASIN’s, but you if enter in a keyword that is related to the ASIN then a Google Trends graph will appear.

Trendster results with Google Trends graph

You can choose from multiple date ranges, and by clicking on a graph in the results page, it will expand allowing you to see the different price points and sales ranks.

 Sales trends graph enlarged

This is an excellent tool for helping to determine if a product is seasonal, or if it has steadily increasing or declining demand. Use this tool to see if competitors have been dropping their price over time, which shrinks margins…something that would be of concern as a potential seller.

12. Misspellinator

Find the most common misspellings for your keywords and add them to your listing as an easy way to increase traffic and sales!

The leading misspelling checker for Amazon sellers! Enter in a keyword or keywords for your product, and misspellinator will find common misspellings that you can include within your listing. Misspelled search words happen often, so take advantage of this and give your product that much more of an advantage. In the screenshot below, I entered in the word “banana,” and as you can see, the tool shows common misspelling variations of the word along with how often that specific spelling is used.

Common misspellings for the word banana

13. Xray – Chrome Extension

Part of the Helium 10 Chrome Extension, this tool overlays information on the Amazon marketplace website to help you find product opportunities. Xray reveals crucial market data to help you make more informed decisions, saving you time and most importantly money.

Helium 10 chrome extension data overlaid on Amazon results

When it comes to the tools we Amazon sellers use on a daily basis, the X-RAY chrome extension is definitely the most frequently used and valuable tool for doing quick market research. This tool is constantly being used to check products that I think may be potential options to sell. When you have a set of criteria that you follow for selecting a product, the X-RAY tool, as the name implies, looks into the inner workings of the market and gives you data that can be analyzed to make calculated decisions on how to move forward. The common data fields we look into to base our decisions from monthly revenue, market competitiveness, number of reviews, and number of units sold, just to name a few. X-Ray displays all of this data and more in seconds, which allows for a speedy workflow and enables you to identify 100’s of potential winners and losers a day.

A new feature was just added to the chrome extension that allows users to find and filter keywords related to a product niche at a glance! Once you have installed Xray, click on the gear icon to toggle on this keyword feature. You can choose revenue and review filters to curate a list of keywords that meet your specific criteria.

Helium 10 Xray Update

Once enabled and filters have been set, go back to Amazon and run Xray. Click on “Related Keywords” in the top right-hand corner and view the keywords and keyword phrases associated with the niche. Helium 10 has used their algorithm to label each keyword phrase as either high/low competition and in high/low demand. I think this will be a huge time saver as a way to find lucrative keywords but also a quick way to weed out overly competitive product niches.

Helium 10 XRay Related Keywords

14. Amazon Listing Analyzer

The Amazon listing analyzer will let you see all the vital information about your listing with just one click. See how your competitors are optimizing their listings and discover other keywords that you could be targeting. Everything is well formatted, so making these changes to your listing are easy to do. Optimization is easier than you think!

15. Audience

Audience allows you to get feedback in the form of a poll to quickly and easily validate your product idea. It only takes a few minutes to create a poll, and once submitted it will be sent to a diverse pool of over 100,000 US based users that will provide comprehensive feedback. No longer be in the dark wondering if a product has a customer demand, now find out right away.

16. Inventory Management

Use Helium 10’s inventory management system as your one-stop-shop for everything inventory related. Complete supplier orders, send inventory to Amazon and handle all other logistics in once place. This tool will help you predict your future inventory needs so that running out of stock will never have to be a worry again.

17. Mobile App

On the go and don’t have access to a computer or laptop? The Helium 10 app has you covered. Stay up to date with all the critical data pertaining to your store within the app. Basically think of this app as the Amazon Sellers app, but on steroids.

18. Seller Assistant

In just one click, invite dozens of customers to review your product. Now you no longer need to switch back and forth between pages to request a review from each customer, as for a review on any of your recent orders placed within 4 to 30 days. Seller Assistant follows Amazon’s templates so the requests are always TOS compliant.

19. Portals

As a content website owner, this tool is super important to me. With Portals, you can drive external traffic from nearly anywhere in your funnel to a customized product landing page. You’ll be able to nurture your customers to make repeat purchases with ready to use creatives. Driving traffic from social, paid ads, content websites and email lists just became trackable and controllable.

Free Helium 10 Tools and Resources You Will Find Helpful

For those who just want to try some of the Helium 10 tools for free, before buying, there are several options. Currently there are 6 free Helium 10 tools, which include:

1. The Amazon Keyword Research Tool – After inputting a seed keyword or ASIN, this tool will find thousands of keywords and relevant search terms that you should be including in your listing. This tool uses the same functionality as the paid tool, it’s just limited to searching for one product at a time.

2. PPC Audit Tool – Understand your pay per click data and easily find out if your meeting your target ACos. All you need to do is update your search term report which is found in your Seller’s Central account.

3. Chrome Extension – As mentioned above, the Chrome extension is super powerful and some of the features can be used without paying for Helium 10. Of course linking the data to your H10 account and such won’t be possible on the free version, however you can still use the extension to pull valuable data.

4. Custom URL Builder – The standard Amazon product URL structure is ugly and doesn’t contain any keywords that can help your product rank. Use the free Helium 10 URL builder to recreate your URL that contains your target keywords, so that when someone navigates to your product through this link Amazon can better associate your product with these keywords, in turn improving your rankings.

5. QR Code Builder – Create a custom QR code to track customers, conversions and other important data pieces.

Helium 10 offers ample resources that help current and future users. From in-depth blog posts to pro training videos, you have the information and training needed to succeed. Here is a list of the Helium 10 resources that I recommend:

1. Facebook Page This is a super active page where Helium 10 users can ask questions, and the company consistently publishes videos and other content to help nurture success

2. YouTube Channel – Learn about new features, watch tutorials, and “ask me anything” videos are uploaded every couple days.

3. Pro Training – Have a question regarding a specific tool? Helium 10 has created super detailed training videos that go into detail about each tool and specific functionality.

4. Blog Posts – Stay up to date with current trends and Amazon changes with the Helium 10 blog. Every time a blog post is posted, I learn something new, so make sure to check these out.

Learn More and Sign Up Buttons

Common FAQ’s

“I want to test the Helium 10 tools” – Helium 10 offers a 30-day trial that starts as soon as your account is created. During the trial period, most of the tools will be available to use.

“Is Helium 10 a monthly or annual subscription?” – The tools are offered as either a monthly or annual subscription, with the yearly subscription being discounted.

“Can I connect Helium 10 to my Amazon account?” – Yes, Helium 10 will pull data from your Amazon account and keep everything organized in the dashboard.

“Is Helium 10 accurate?” – Yes, Helium 10 is very accurate and uses propriety algorithms to calculate Amazon data.

Comparison To Competitors

As mentioned earlier, Helium 10, in my opinion, surpasses both Jungle Scout and Viral Launch. Having every tool you could possibly need under one “roof” is a no brainer, but not having to switch tools you’ll save time. Additionally, by needing only one subscription, you will save money. In my experience, Jungle Scout and Helium 10 are both very accurate, and both have helpful customer service, but the functionality of Helium 10 makes it the only tool that I use.

I genuinely want to see you succeed as a seller since Amazon has changed my life. I’m no longer working an hourly job, but rather my own boss deciding when I want to work. If you were to ask me which tool would I recommend, it would be Helium 10. While the monthly cost might be more than other tools, the benefits far out way the price.

Remember, use Helium 10 discount code MONEYNOMAD20 for 20% off!



Amazon seller app showing $1900 in sales

Editors note: Talk to your CPA, but often the cost for these types of tools are considered a business expense and become tax deductible.

It’s Time For You To Become A Successful Amazon Seller

I encourage you to do some more research about Helium 10 if you’re on the fence, go back up to the “free resources” section of this review to join their Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Learn how this seller sold his Amazon FBA Business for $54,000 working just 40 hours per year.

Selling $1,000+ per day in product is totally doable! If you started today and became dedicated to Amazon selling you could see over $100,000 in sales this year. Picking the correct product to sell is one of the main factors that determine success, let Helium 10 help you find a winning product. Then use Helium 10 to optimize your listing to ensure you are operating at peak profitability. Zach and I both have been successful selling on Amazon, and we started with absolutely no Amazon selling experience.

Seller App Showing $1200 in sales

Let Helium 10 help take your Amazon business to the next level! If you have a success story using Helium 10, or see success after reading this, then please email me if you’d like your story featured on Money Nomad. Email me with any questions, and I’d be happy to answer them!

Remember, use Helium 10 discount code MONEYNOMAD20 20% off every month.

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