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Money Nomad discusses personal finance, entrepreneurship, freelancing, travel hacking, and lifestyle hacks for digital nomads. Our goal is to become the #1 resource for people looking to establish and enjoy a location independent lifestyle.

Right now I’m looking for two types of articles:

  1. Digital Nomad Education and How-To: Posts that share insights into the practical steps of becoming a digital nomad, from picking a travel destination, to leaving your job on good terms, to landing your first freelance client.
  2. Digital Nomad Inspiration: I want to share success stories! Have you made the transition from employee to digital nomad, freelancer, self-employed, etc.? If so, share your story with the Money Nomad community! We all love hearing motivational success stories.

I offer a byline and link to your personal site for each published article. (For sponsored posts contact me using the form below to discuss).

Here are a few requests regarding articles that you submit:

  • Create an awesome headline that catches people’s attention and hopefully is SEO friendly as well. For some assistance, check out the headline analyzer tool.
  • Write a great intro, clear section headings, and link/reference other sources to improve credibility. Read this Hubspot article for further tips on how to write/format a blog post.
  • Proofread, edit, and get a friend to proofread!
  • Send me a link to your file as a Google Doc (which is a free tool) if possible. However, you can also email a Word document if you are unfamiliar with Google Docs.

Because I only publish content that I believe is both well written and valuable for my audience, I cannot accept every submission. However, I will respond to every submission and, if time permits, offer my feedback.

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