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What Country Fits Your Manners? [Infographic]

Here’s a fun little article/infographic shared by Expedia — and very fitting for digital nomads.

What is it that drives the digital nomad to keep moving?

Well, we can speculate that there are any number of reasons and the precise cocktail that motivates each itinerant worker will differ from individual to individual. But without getting too deep into psychoanalysis, the desire to search may be as strong as the desire to run away.

Your curiosity to meet other people is a passion born of natural human affinity, but it can be complicated by a certain frustration with those around you as you grew up. Maybe you find your compatriots too uptight or too inhibited, lacking in generosity or perhaps just not as tolerant of other cultures as you.

When you travel the world, you seek new experiences and perspectives, unique personalities that you would never have met back home – but you are also looking for people whose character reflects your own, in ways that your neighbors never did.

Of course, we can’t be too prescriptive when talking about what kind of person comes from what place, but broadly speaking certain areas of the world nurture customs and manners which differ from others, and within this kind of behavior we can sense an attitude towards life that is created by a local sense of community values.

Similar values can emerge in disparate climes, which is one of the exciting things about getting to travel when you work. You remain open-minded but draw different conclusions about the world by, for example, noting that tipping habits are similar in Indonesia and Colombia, or that Australians and the English – at different ends of the world – will always turn up to parties with considerate punctuality.

You can make your own observations and draw your own conclusions, but if you’re looking for a shortcut to a place you might call home, you’ll find this new infographic a handy cheat-sheet: guiding you through some of our essential daily behaviors, it suggests just which country matches your interpersonal values. There’s no guarantees, but if you’re not sure where to take your laptop next, it could hold the clues for which you’re searching.

What country fits your manners?

For the comment: Where do you fit in best — and why?


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  1. Looks like a trip to Ireland in my future! Love the infographic and it is interesting how certain countries on the continent have similar behaviors, but yet there are unique distinctions that help you tell them apart. That is one thing I like most from traveling is meeting people from all over, whether it’s talking to the locals or meeting other travellers that you might be sharing a table with.

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