Earn Money Every Time You Share a Link with Friends: A Split App Review

I’m always looking for new ways to make, save, and invest. So, when I recently came across Alex’s new app Split, I was pretty excited. And, when he mentioned that he would like to partner to offer an additional bonus to Money Nomad readers, I became ecstatic! Read on to learn how you can make $9 in the next 5 minutes…

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What is Split? It’s an app (currently only available for the iPhone) that allows you to quickly share links via email and text – and make a little money in the process.

Split App Review

Anytime you’re scrolling through your iPhone and find an article, product, or funny cat video that you think a buddy would enjoy, click the Split icon to instantly share it. You’ll make a few cents when you hit send, and a few extra when they open the link.

But it gets better! If they purchase something through that link, the two of you get cashback for that purchase – and this amount can easily add up to several dollars or more for both of you.

Whether you share a link to an awesome hotel for your friend’s next trip, or a tool set from Home Depot for her home repair, if she buys through your link, the two of you split a commission worth as much as 10-20% of the sale price.

Use the Split App to share with friends

Honestly, as a blogger, I can’t wait until we figure out a way to Split commissions with readers – I would love to offer all of you a portion of what I earn from the blog. Until then, we’ll all just have to enjoy making money by sharing links with our friends via texts and emails.

How to Make $9 in the Next 5 Minutes

If you’re okay with your time being worth $108/hr for the next 5 minutes, then here’s a quick way to make a few bucks by installing and trying Split.

1. Download Split from the App Store

On your iPhone, download Split from the App Store.

Split App Apple Store Download

2. Install the Split Share Extension and Share Your First Link – $5

Next, follow the instructions in the app to install the share extension in about 30 seconds. You now have the ability to make money (and help your friends make money) every time you share a link via email or text message.

Split App Share Extension

After sharing your first link, you’ll receive a $5 bonus in your Split account.

3. Mention Money Nomad to Receive an Additional Bonus – $4

*Note: This bonus offer is only valid if you did not sign up for Split via a friends link. If a friend has already referred you to Split, you won’t be eligible for this bonus. However, you can still earn a separate $20 bonus in about 10 minutes by signing up for WiseBanyan!

If a friend refers you to the app, you’ll receive a $2 bonus. However, Alex is willing to up that bonus to $4 for Money Nomad readers!

So, to make the most of this bonus, all you need to do is go to Split’s contact page and leave a quick comment – essentially copying and pasting this message in:

Hi! I discovered Split via Money Nomad and would like to receive the additional $2 bonus offered to Money Nomad readers. Thanks!

After doing this your account will automatically be credited with the additional bonus.

And that’s it! You’ve just made $9.

Bonus: Earn More by Referring Friends

Split is better with friends. And while you both earn when links are shared, you and your friend will receive a $2 bonus when they install the app. So, up your bonus rewards by sharing Split with other friends who will also appreciate earning when they share.

It won’t take long before you’re both earning extra when you shop and share!

Make money online with your iphone by sharing links

My Split App Review

Honestly, I’m excited about this app as it’s the first that offers both parties the ability to earn when they share. As a blogger, I make money when you click on specific links or make purchases through specific sites – but I’m not able to share that with you, the reader.

But Split changes this when sharing with friends. Not only do I earn when sharing links and products with friends, but so do they. And the Split button makes it easy to share anything!

My Hopes for Future Updates

Split Affiliate Commissions Using the Split AppWhile my general impression of the app is positive, there are certainly a few areas that I hope develop further as the app progresses.

First, there’s the obvious need for availability on devices other than iPhones. I know many people who use Android (and a growing number who use Windows) so I hope they are able to use this app in the near future.

Next, I’d like the opportunity to share Split links through more than just emails and texts. Much of my content is shared across social media or within my blog posts and newsletters. I’m sure it would be more challenging to track links shared across these venues, but it would certainly make it easier to share further.

What Are Your Thoughts on the Split App and Sharing Commissions?

Personally, I think the ability to share commissions between both the referrer, and the individual making the purchase, is a brilliant concept – what are your thoughts? Would you be willing to share commissions with people who referred you or made purchases through your links?

Meanwhile, if you’ve had an opportunity to try the Split App, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how it works and how it could be improved.

Ready to save and earn more? Read 100 websites that pay you to refer friends.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out Alex’s app and give it a shot. It’s always fun being one of the first people to try a new service!


Rob is enthusiastic about everything related to money and investing. A financial analyst and instructor, he enjoys using what he’s learned from 10 years of studying business and money to help others achieve financial stability. He founded Money Nomad in 2014!

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    1. It’s a new app, but definitely check it out! One worth being aware of for sure. Let me know if you try it out and give it a go.

    1. I was an Android guy until last year. Loving the iPhone, but don’t think I’ll ever become a full Apple guy. And I’ll keep you posted. Hopefully it ends up on Android soon.

  1. Pretty neat concept and I think the idea of splitting 50/50 is a way to not come across as a “moocher” with friends. Or you know you will actually get the split if your friend is the type that normally says they will give you $5 the next they see you, but never do.

    It also sounds like Split has a wide array of shops to choose from which is great. More choices=more splitting opportunities.

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