Getting Organized: Creating a Comfortable Lifestyle

Being an organized person can drastically improve your quality of life. The good news is that even if your life is in chaos, there are ways to turn things around. No one starts out with everything in order. Healthy habits are acquired over time.

Write Things Down

Part of getting your life out of dysfunction is learning to write things down. Lists work to your advantage in many ways. They can prevent you from missing a payment on a bill, help you to remember an important date, and allow you to complete tasks.

File Important Documents

Medical records, tax returns, and warranties on your vehicle or appliances are things that you may need to reference unexpectedly. If you choose to carelessly tuck them away in a heaping pile of papers, you may lose them or, at the very least, have to spend many hours trying to locate them. Instead, get a filing cabinet and create individual files for each one. This way, if the time comes that you should need to produce the records or documents, you’ll be able to access them within minutes. If you want to double-down on your efforts and create a backup source, companies like Evernote have a phone scanner app that does basically the same thing, allowing you to scan important documents and retain them in your phone or in the cloud.

Eliminate the Clutter

Clutter around your home or office workspace is a distraction and complicates your life. When things pile up you feel overwhelmed and, when you can’t find things, you lose valuable time searching room by room for the lost item. Decluttering and organizing each room will allow you to come home and feel good. It will also make finding anything easy. A great way to begin is to start with one room, preferably in a high traffic space, like your kitchen or living room. And then, once you get one room finished, you can move onto the next.

Create a Place for Everything

With the clutter gone you can now work toward creating a permanent place for everything. Storage containers are a great way to remove seasonal items out of closets and free up space. Purchasing things like a bookcase, a storage bench, and even a peg rack can prove quite useful for organizing things such as your DVDs, books, outerwear, toys, and your keys. You can also add internal items to existing cabinets like a spice rack or a lazy Susan to make finding frequently used items simple.

Organizing Your Finances

Staying on top of your finances is essential to sustaining a comfortable lifestyle. The good news is that creating a budget will help you to remain current with your bills and other monthly expenses. This will make it much easier for you to plan for your future. Since most people don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to put down on a home, they use a budget to help them achieve their goals. A budget will also let you follow the money trail and keep you informed as to how much debt you owe and how to appropriate money to other bills to pay them off quickly. If, once you complete your budget, you find that you have very little left, you can take out a loan to pay down your debt or take on a part-time job to start paying down your debt.

Stop Procrastinating

One of the biggest challenges people face when they try to organize their lives is procrastination. Putting things off for a day or two once in a while is no big deal. However, if this becomes a regular way of life you’ll never get anything done. Some jobs are harder than others, such as overhauling your garage. But, if you commit to it, even if it takes a few weekends to complete, you’ll make progress and you’ll feel fantastic once you finish.

Getting organized is not that difficult once you get started. 

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