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Several years ago I made my first $1,000 of nearly passive income online by selling on Amazon. In a few short months, I had earned over $30,000 by just selling on Amazon, and this experience opened my eyes to earning fairly passive income online. 

In 2017 I purchased an already established technology review website as I wanted to see the inner workings of a website that made a sizable income by being a product affiliate. After creating content for the website, and working with product distributors and advertisers, I decided it was time to help teach others. I sold that website to a private equity firm for a nice profit and have now directed my attention to Money Nomad.

Whether you are looking for a consultant to help you establish a website that can earn passive income, or need advice on how to sell your website or want to learn how to sell on Amazon, I have the skills and experience to help. 

Below are just a few services that I offer, my email is zach@moneynomad.com – I look forward to hearing from you soon!

My Services Include:

– Creating or helping you set up a passive income website or blog

$950; includes one year hosting, template, 50 keyword list, plus everything below – turn around time is 5 days

One of my favorite passions is creating and setting up websites, especially blog or review style sites. I will set up a domain and hosting, as well as install the theme and plugins that will ensure a successful site. I have a background in computer science, so will add code to the theme if needed. I configure all aspects including SEO plugins, sitemap setup, Search Console, Google Analytics, plugin settings, etc. When I hand the site over to you, all that will be needed is your content! The site will be turn key, ready to go.

– Consulting on what niche you should enter and provide you with a long list of keyword/topic ideas that your website can rank for

Traffic coming to your website is the ultimate goal, so creating content that people are searching for is ideal. I have several systems in place to help with keyword and topic research, these systems identify which keywords should be targeted, the potential traffic and the difficulty. I will create you an Excel document with 50 keyword ideas based on the info you have provided for me. I will also walk you through exactly how I came up with those keywords and why they are a good choice. Targeting the correct keyword can easily earn you around $1000 a month from just one article.

– Connect you with experts in web design and programming, content creation, Pinterest marketing, Reddit marketing, link building, and affiliate programs

If you already have an established site but need to cover other the aspects of site ownership, then I will introduce you to people I have used in the past, as I want to see your site succeed.

– Helping you established an Amazon FBA business including what to sell, sourcing and product listing

If e-commerce interests and excites you, then consider selling on Amazon. With several years of Amazon FBA success, I will share with you the pros and cons of Amazon selling, and walk you through every aspect from product selection to shipping your inventory to Amazon. If you follow my steps, you will see sales within a few days of listing your product. I have sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of products on Amazon.

– Consulting on how to package your website for sale and the best approach to receive the highest return 

I have been fortunate enough to sell one of my websites, and through this sales process, I learned several key aspects that would have made the sale smoother and potentially more profitable for me. If given the opportunity, I will optimize and help you package your website for sale, allowing you to earn top dollar. Who knows, maybe I’ll even want to buy your website! 

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Let’s get started! Email zach@moneynomad.com and I’ll be in touch with more information on how we can work together to help you succeed! Own a website? I might be interested in buying it; please email me.