How Staying Fit Can Actually Save You Money

Ever noticed when one thing is off-balance, everything else in life also seems to go awry, like some kind of chaotic circus?

Handling my life right now

We’ve all felt it – bad days, right? But, no one else has “this kind of bad day”. No one else gets TWO parking tickets in ONE day (sadly, speaking from experience here).

Just as difficult as it is to stand up all the dominoes, they can just as easily be knocked over

Work is taxing, friends are flakey. The deviant mind conjures, “I deserve a week’s rest, I’ll get back at it next week and be rejuvenated.”

Mysteriously, a donut (or two) finds its way onto your plate. And maybe chili fries (and some wings), with cold beer shows up. It’s OK this once, “I’m having a rest week, after all.”

Before you know it, you’re permitting activities you’d otherwise never allow if it weren’t a “rest week”. Eating out, drinking a little more, watching TV, and spending a little more cash.

Potentially negative activities can quickly replace positive habits

Beer and wings don’t buy themselves. So, inherently, by being at the bar, you’re NOT at the gym. So the time investment is lost, but that’s mounted by a financial cost of the actual beer/wings et al.

Potentially negative activities can quickly replace positive habits

Me every time I workout ^^^

Replacement Theory

Esteemed finance editor and thought leader in the space, Don McNay from the Huffington Post explains that most of us, “Most of us want to be physically fit, but very few of us are. The same holds true with financial security. Lots of people want to be rich, but don’t want to sacrifice as needed or develop good financial habits.”

As in, if we have 1.5 hours after work, but before dinner: where, physically, are we going to spend it?

Fitness and healthy habits don’t happen by coincidence. They’re small decisions that are made in advance.

No need to panic if you’re battling with the gym decision in the moment (instead of having made that decision before), and decide not to go, though.

As soon as you notice slippage, gently come back to reality, and presence of mind.

Forgive yourself for missing a few days, and immediately shift your focus forward. Look at the next step to building that healthy habit.

It can be as small eating an apple. Or, by using a new service that enables a healthy habit.

Finance + Fitness: 3 ways to save on your pocketbook through fitness

  • Replace the expensive habit: Gym memberships range from $30 – $100 per month
      • One happy hour might cost as much as $30 for drinks/bites. God forbid we get a healthy buzz and buy the group a round.
        • Try replacing 1-2 happy hours/month with a workout instead. Make sure to schedule it – the 1st and 3rd Thursdays are group gym nights.
        • Want to still be social? Invite a friend who’d normally attend happy hour with you.
  • Get digital help: Download an app that encourages you, and motivates your fitness. My team and I run Vea Fitness, a new app that is becoming popular, actually rewards you with financial incentives, for working out.
      • You can run 2 miles to get 10% off your new running shoes from New Balance, or 3 miles for 15% off.
  • Buy your meals in advance: healthy meal prep companies will prepare a week, month or longer of healthy, tasty lunches and more for about the same cost or a little less than eating out at normal restaurants.
    • Snap Kitchen meals offers full, chef-prepared tasty dishes for around $10 each. If you figure that’s about the cost of eating lunch out (without a drink or sides), you can easily save money by buying 1 week’s meals in advance. The menus look amazing too. They have storefronts in several cities, but are going to be offering delivery as well soon. Here’s their menu.

Finance + Fitness: 3 ways to save on your pocketbook through fitness

Like it or not, our lives are interconnected

Everything in our life is connected, digitally and in real life. Therefore, we have to develop healthy habits in all areas of life, so they can work together for a compound effect.

If you’re consistent with your fitness, it inspires diligence with your finances.

Beyond that, you’ll actually save money by working out with Vea Fitness, swapping out happy hours for gym sessions, and buying meals in advance.

We’re all human

Give yourself room for error. A wise friend once shared, “if you mess up, simply forgive yourself and move forward.”

Author: This post was written by Jonathan Maxim of Vea Life — the app that gives you discounts and rewards every time you workout.

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