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How to Get Black Friday Deals – Now!

Gain Publicity by Recognizing OthersI came across this great article and I had to share it with everyone I know. Particularly for you bargain enthusiasts, this is a discovery that will completely rock your world. Furthermore, if you hate Black Friday mobs, you will love this even more.


The Problem with Black Friday

There are two camps of people: Those who love Black Friday crowds, and those who hate Black Friday crowds.

For those who love Black Friday crowds, the dilemma is the lack of time. You don’t have a problem with the crowds, but you can’t make it into every store. Therefore, you go crazy thinking about the “deal that got away”.

The other group, that hates Black Friday crowds, is disappointed to let every deal get away. Although they would love to save 40% on that new outfit, they just can’t muster the strength to push through the difficult crowds.

In short, the problem that everyone has with Black Friday is a lack of time. Too many deals, not enough time.


The Solution: Enjoy the Deals BEFORE Black Friday by Using a “Price Protection” Credit Card

This year is the first year that you can enjoy Black Friday deals while sleeping in, skipping the crowds, and enjoying your day after Thanksgiving.

How? By making purchases on a credit card that has a 30-90 day price match guarantee. As it turns out, many credit cards agree to match the price of any item if you find it advertised for less within 30-90 days of purchasing it (depending on the card).

In the past this deal didn’t include Black Friday discounts. This year, however, many of these sales will be included.

Therefore, rather than rushing through the crowds, buy your products ahead of time (once you know that they will be on sale), and then file for the “price protection” to receive the difference as a refund on your credit card.

How awesome is that?!

It looks like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Citibank all offer price protection on most of their cards.

You will want to look at the terms of your card to determine what the requirements and limitations are – but you should be able to make at least a few of those holiday purchases early! And still get the great deals.

For more information and details on these offers, I recommend checking out the original article on CNBC.

Now you can sleep in the Friday after Thanksgiving! No need to thank me.


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