As I recently wrote, I’ve decided to join the ranks of bloggers who have uncopyrighted their work.

In other words, this means that you can copy my blog posts from Money Nomad and post them to your own blog or add them to your ebook. Although attribution is appreciated, it isn’t required. If you want to know why I did this, and why I think it could help any blogger, read the post here.

But I’m not alone! In addition to Money Nomad, there are a plethora of bloggers who have given the world the opportunity to use their content – free of charge!

Here are a few, and I’ll be adding more as I find them:

Bloggers who have uncopyrighted their work

If you’d like to copy this list and add it to your own blog, go right ahead.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to add your own blog to this list, feel free to leave a comment on the original post on Money Nomad (if you aren’t already on my site), and I’ll include you on this list right away. If your content is relevant to the Money Nomad community, I may even borrow a post for my own blog and attribute it back to your site.