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E-Commerce Candle Making Business – $55,000

Niche: Candle Making Kits and Supplies

Monetization: Amazon FBA and Etsy

Price: $55,000 ($40,000 worth of inventory can be purchased)

TTM Profit Average: $2,254

Summary of Business

A 2 year old FBA store business in the arts and crafts industry earning $29,166 per month in revenue. Products are well branded and designed, 1200 total reviews 4.5 stars,

Key Business Features:

  •       2.5 years old business selling in a narrow candle niche – beeswax candle making kit.
  •       Registered TM Candleology and fully branded store and products
  •       Main channel Amazon USA, also present on Amazon Canada, Etsy,          Walmart and Shopify
  •       AOV $30
  •       9% profit margin
  •       $2000 net profit per mo / yearly average
  •       1016 units sold / mo , yearly average
  •       Amazon 25,375 page views / mo and 18,333 unique /mo
  •       Seasonal niche with peak during October – April
  •       1200 total amazon reviews 4.5 stars rating
  •       Seller Central in Perfect standing
  •       Top ASIN (SKU) is UNIQUE and ranked #1 for the main keyword (beeswax candle making kit)
  •       1144 followers in Instagram and 2700 followers in Amazon and 5MM reach In Amazon posts
  •       Great opportunity for another candle brand to enter Amazon / expand product line. Or foreign company to enter US market

What products are sold under this brand?

Candleology is the biggest US brand in the candle rolling industry and the top seller of candle rolling kits on Amazon. (Products that can be made with these kits are taper and pillar beeswax candles). We currently have beeswax and soy candle making kits and made candles, including Christmas products.

In all of our products, we have only 100% natural waxes and organic aroma oils, beautifully designed gift box and elegant accessories. We are vegan, eco-friendly and kids – friendly brand.

Please watch the video to get a good idea about the brand and products

We sell and have offers on Amazon FBA and FBM, Walmart, Etsy and on our website + IG shop

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– I invested in my product design and listings quality, best quality content and images / videos are professionally done.

– We are present in every social network that exists: Instagram, FB, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube.

– We are doing daily Amazon posts and Lives and have a great reach (over 5MM) and loyal audience of 2700 followers

–  Great reviews 4.5+ stars

– Amazon store is in perfect standing

– I am perfectly branded with a sound name Candleology, Trademark (branded website / email / packaging / social networks)

– We are in a free Launchpad program (with all benefits – 50% coupons, free Lightning deals, free Amazon VINEs)

Supply chain:

Some SKUs are made in Ukraine (the best quality) and some in China. 4 suppliers total, 3 of them Chinese. It can be all made in China if needed. Also communicating with manufacturers in Mexico for top quality beeswax. USA audience is not demanding or mindful of beeswax quality, it was my choice to choose the very best quality beeswax and 100% pure materials. Clients expectations are not high and they did not prefer one type of beeswax over another – both received good reviews and responses (can see the reviews on amazon).

History of the brand, why selling?

We started selling candle kits in Q4 of 2019 and after a successful season launched a brand in July of 2020. We registered TM and Amazon Brand Registry. My products are unique, thematic with proprietary recipes. No other seller is offering exactly same kits as mine.

I am now completely exiting Amazon business. I’m a mom of 2 small kids and could not give proper attention and time to the business, I was pregnant then nursing. That is why I have had a small team who helped me with Amazon, expenses were $2500 / mo (excluded from profit calculation) because the team is not necessary – one person can easily handle all the tasks and save up on the salaries expense.

Numbers (sales, profits, expenses), advertising:

I make approx. $2k/mo (yearly average) if running the business myself. However, I do not have enough time and knowledge of marketing. Most of my sales come from Amazon, over 90%. Others come from Etsy, Walmart, Shopify – organically. I experimented with Google and Facebook ads and could not properly run or manage them and did not get a result.

The product is seasonal, it slows down after April and picks up again in October. In September – October our one of a kind Halloween kit sells really well organically.

Our expenses are related to Amazon FBA fees and commissions, storage, advertising on Amazon. I had a virtual team expense but decided to cut it down as it eats all the profit.

I advertise only on Amazon (PPC) and use organic methods – Instagram Reels, Amazon posts and LIVE. We have 1144 followers in IG and a reach of 50,000 people. In Amazon our posts are shown to 5 million people.

How much time does the owner spend on the brand?

If I work alone it’s a part-time job between amazon PPC, customer service (rare) and doing social networks, posts.

What is for sale?

I am trying to exit the business and retrieve the money I invested in stock. The business and Trademark etc will be sold at the cost of the remaining products without any extra charges.

Total stock value: $110,000

Potential growth points:

This is a unique niche and product with low competition. It is great for a person who has access to blogger / influencer marketing which I believe would be the best way to raise the awareness and grow the trend toward this child friendly, healthy and eco-friendly products (trendy!).

On top of this the product is beautiful and aesthetic and sells well via video or other demonstrations. We was a boost in sales if some blogger would tag our product in their stories / posts. Brand can expand into ready beeswax or soy candles niches, bulk candles, offline candle making boutiques etc. Other opportunities is: candle accessories, various types of waxes, vessels, wicks, jars etc . As well as other DIY kits niches.

Honestly the brand can be doing so much better if the owner / manager devotes some time and effort and collaborate with influencers / bloggers. Social Media advertising could be ran with traffic leading to Instagram shop or Shopify store.

Between pregnancy and nursing I could not dedicate more time and energy and was just doing the operations work 2 hrs / week, and I could not try more marketing methods.

To sum everything up:

Candleology is a narrow candle niche brand with low competition, eco-friendly and visually appealing products for marketing and selling via influencer / blogger, as this would be the most effective and allows for higher than current margins.
Great expansion opportunity for another brand who has traffic in Candle or DIY kits niches, also a chance for a foreign company to enter the US market quickly.

Storefront – traffic details

Amazon store alone gets 13.040 unique visitors and 20000 views TTM

Sale Includes:


Website files

Email address

Social media accounts

Email subscriber list

Inventory (stock)

Brand assets (logos, etc)

Phone number(s)

Supplier contracts


Inventory value USD $40,000 Excluded from sale price

Post-sale support

Included. I can provide support for 6 months and help to transition smoothly. I’ll help to arrange orders with suppliers

Want More Information On This Listing? Fill Out The Form Below:

The Money Nomad Marketplace will not be handling the transfer of this business, prospective buyers will be connected directly to the selling party. Money Nomad Marketplace can hold the funds if desired.

Zach Zorn

Zach Zorn is the owner of Money Nomad and an enthusiast of all things tech. Zach has extensive experience creating and managing niche review websites. In 2018 one of his websites was acquired by a private equity firm, igniting his passion even more. Zach also runs an Amazon FBA business that has given him experience with customer service, product manufacturing and design. While in high school Zach helped design several successful apps for Disney. When not on the computer, Zach is most likely off the coast of San Diego or Baja fishing for saltwater game fish.

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