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Amazon KDP Business – $195,000

Niche: Gardening & Outdoor

Monetization: Amazon KDP

Price: $195,000

Creation Date: November 2022

Profit: Average profit per month over the last 5 months, $7,141

Lifetime revenue: $48,168

Lifetime profit: $28,566

Summary of Business:

This listing is for an Amazon KDP business created in November of 2022 where 2 bestselling books in the gardening and outdoor niche generate the bulk of the revenue, while a 3rd book is published. 1 other nonpublished book comes with the account.

The seller’s main costs were front loaded, such as writers for the books and artists for the covers. The seller does spend money each month only on ads. Sales come from a mix of organic traffic and paid ads.

Proof of Income:

Seller’s Support and Additional Information:

  • Seller will offer 30 days of free support to the buyer
  • There’s an option to keep the seller on board to scale the business
  • Book content is evergreen
  • The KDP account is free of any penalties

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What Can The New Owner Do To Improve The Business?

  1. Scale Up the Existing Books
  2. Optimizing the Ad Spent
  3. Turning the Published Books into Audiobooks
  4. Adding New Books

Reason for Selling:

The seller wants to diversify and give back to charity a part of the money.

How to Purchase:

  1. Email a signed NDA (download here) and proof of funds (copy of bank statement, CPA letter, etc) to along with your full name. This step only needs to be done one time as your information will be kept on file.
  2. Complete the contact form above to be emailed additional Amazon Merch details and supplied proof of income report.
  3. Respond to the email from Money Nomad Marketplace with your questions and/or offer.
  4. will be used for the escrow process, a listing is NOT marked as sold until the buyer funds the escrow account. Buyer pays Escrow fees.

Please note that someone else may purchase while you are still evaluating the business. The business is marked as sold when the funds from an accepted offer, or a full price offer, has been received by Although Money Nomad has inspected this business for accuracy, it’s ultimately the buyers responsibility to perform their own due diligence and not rely on Money Nomad’s inspection.

After the business has been migrated to the buyer, and the buyer has confirmed ownership, the funds will be released to the seller through All sales are final and there are no refunds. Earnings and traffic may decline due to Google/Amazon updates, increased competition, mismanagement by the buyer, and other factors. Money Nomad makes no guarantees written or implied of the future performance of the site.

If a dispute does arise, has an arbitration system that the buyer and seller will be entered into. A 3rd party judge will determine if the sale shall be completed, modified, or reversed. Often a judge does not understand online businesses and the verdict may or may not go in your favor.

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Zach Zorn

Zach Zorn is the owner of Money Nomad and an enthusiast of all things tech. Zach has extensive experience creating and managing niche review websites. In 2018 one of his websites was acquired by a private equity firm, igniting his passion even more. Zach also runs an Amazon FBA business that has given him experience with customer service, product manufacturing and design. While in high school Zach helped design several successful apps for Disney. When not on the computer, Zach is most likely off the coast of San Diego or Baja fishing for saltwater game fish.

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