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How to Make Your Freelance Presence Really Stand Out Online

This is a guest post from Yaz at Freelancermap — a platform that connects freelancers with clients.

It’s no secret: being a freelancer is great. You have the freedom to choose where, who and what you do, and can work while travelling the world (or even just from your bed!). However, this fact means the freelancer market can also feel pretty saturated at times with people after the same lifestyle.

As such, it can be difficult to take your freelance business from stable to successful. Making yourself stand out as a freelancer is essential – and there’s no better way to do that than to create a glowing online presence.

At Freelancermap, we help freelancer’s all over the world create concise profiles to elevate their chances of winning new projects. Here’s our top tips to making your freelance presence stand out online:

1. Perfect Web Design

Your freelance website should be the ultimate reflection of the work you provide your clients. First impressions count a lot when it comes to freelancing, so your website needs to grab the attention of anyone who visits it.

That means perfect copy, and exceptional web design. If you are using WordPress for your site, consider investing in a premium template to take your design to the next level. Premium templates aren’t free because they provide more customization options, have more flexibility, and will often make your site look more professional.

2. Get Your Social Media On-Point

Your website and social media go hand-in-hand. A website can be the most beautiful, well-designed site on the entire internet – but if you’re not actively driving traffic (and potential clients!) to it, then it all means nothing.

Create social media profiles for your freelance business on at least 3 platforms – try not to spread yourself too thin, especially at first. Make sure your profiles link to your website and vice versa, and that all have a similar look.

For example, using the same profile picture of yourself will enable clients to recognize you quicker on different platforms, and builds a far more relatable online image of yourself.

3. Create a Strong LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a treasure trove for freelancers, providing excellent opportunities for networking, connection with potential clients, and even pitching for freelance projects. Put the time in to build a truly strong LinkedIn profile and increase your chances of potential clients reaching out to you.

A few things to remember when it comes to LinkedIn:

  • Use your profile to create trust in your brand, not to sell
  • Lists your relevant accomplishments, awards and certifications
  • Include your experience
  • Ask past clients for testimonials that can be displayed on your profile
  • Request endorsements from your connections
  • Consider sharing content on LinkedIn Pulse to further grow your authority in your niche

4. Share, Engage and Inform

As we’ve said, there’s a lot of freelancers out there. So to make yourself stand out, you need to prove yourself as a useful resource for other freelancers, potential clients and existing clients. It sounds like a lot of work, but with a bit of planning you can share informative content that relates to everybody in your niche.

Write long-form, well researched blog posts for your freelance website and share them accordingly on your social media platforms. Consider tagging other professionals in your posts and using past clients as examples of success stories.

5. Connect with the Freelancer Community

Whilst the freelancing community can feel a little crowded at times, don’t make the mistake of regarding everyone as your competition! Make your presence stand out online by connecting and engaging with other freelancers in your field.

Share their content, contribute to hot debates, and support others. Building a community of freelancers around you will elevate your online profile, and can quickly lead to a lot more work through referrals if you consistently prove yourself to be a valuable resource to your field of work.

6. Offer What No One Else Does

Having a USP is essential to making your online freelance presence really stand out. You need to find something that makes you special as a freelancer, and use it to your example.

Are you travelling the world? Show potential clients how you can get work done while they’re sleeping in another time-zone. Are you freelancing from home while also watching the kids? Offer a parent’s perspective to potential clients and target niches that will value that input.

Think about what you can bring to the table, and really carve out a niche for yourself. If you’re doing something no one else has thought of before, you’d be surprised how quickly people will fall in love with the novelty and follow suit.

7. Be Consistent

Above all else, consistency is King online. It is no good to consistently engage with clients and other freelancers online one week, and then to go completely silent the next.

Make use of online schedulers to ensure your presence across your freelance website and social media platforms is consistent, and you’ll show yourself to be a valuable, trustworthy worker.

Bio: Yaz is the content creator and marketing assistant for Freelancermap. Freelancermap connects IT professionals with remote jobs around the world, and shares weekly tips, advice and interviews for other freelancers. Check out our blog for more freelancing tips!

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