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How to Make Friends While Traveling

Nomadic life can be quite adventurous – new places to discover, new experiences to enjoy and new people to meet. However, it’s also a life that can become lonely and tedious.  The media, along with Tim Ferris’ “The Four-Hour Work Week,” people expect something more than what they actually experience. Expectations are certainly raised by the book and media, only to be met with reality.How to Make Friends While Traveling - PInterest

Most solo travelers fondly reminisce about their adventures including the people they’ve come across during their journey. It’s easy to overlook the times they spent alone. This is the time they spend reflecting back on their life and where things are headed. They may spend that time reading books or relaxing.

You don’t see these chronicled in Instagram photos, but it’s reality, and it can be a slap in the face to those unprepared for it.

To get the experiences you see in the movies or read about, you must make memories with new friends. Of course, you can’t just magically make friends appear. It takes effort and time and knowing where to go. If you’re on a nomadic journey or will be going on one, it’s important to know where to find your “new friends.”

Here are 10 great places to start:


The easiest way to meet people in through hostels. Book you a room at one of the bigger hostels in the city you’re visiting. This allows you to easily make friends when you walk in. You can check out the people hanging out there. If you score a shared room, you can become friends with your roommate. This will allow you to make friends with other people around the hostel.

While it’s easy to become bored by the Q&As at the hostel, it’s still the simplest way to meet different people.

Bear in mind that you don’t even have to stay at the hostel to take advantage of the benefits they have. Check it out and see who you encounter there.


Many cities hold tours that you can partake in. Some of the best tours are the walking ones where your guide is only passionate about their city and want to make sure your experience is one to remember. They can provide you with an array of information about the city. Many people enjoy these kinds of tours, which makes it easier for you to begin a conversation and forge a friendship.

Pub Crawls

There is no shortage of pubs or pub crawls, no matter what city you’re visiting. However, should that be the case, you may want to choose another city to visit. Pub crawls may not be the place to find lasting friendships, but they are definitely something to consider when you just want to have a little fun with people like you. You never know how the night will end, and you’re bound to have a good time regardless.

Working Out At The Local Gym

A surefire way to meet people is to hit the gym. This can certainly help you to undo the damage from last night’s adventure at the local pub crawl. Consider running with some locals, partake in yoga lessons or take up kickboxing. Of course, you don’t even need the pub crawl excuse to enjoy some good old-fashioned healthy exercise and meet the local folk

The Gym Nomad website will help you to find a local gym. The company is located in Amsterdam but can help fitness gurus stay healthy while on the move around the world. The website can help you find the kind of physical activity you want to get involved with and offer you a flexible paying membership if you plan to stay longer in a particular area. There are all kinds of workouts to consider that can lead to forging a friendship or two.

Use MeetUp is a great forum to see what’s happening around a city and who’s doing what. Meetup is free to sign up for and allows you to reach out to the locals about the events going on. There’s often something happening that will tickle your fancy and help you to make friends.

Online Dating

With a click of your computer mouse and the swipe of your smartphone, you could meet someone new in seconds. You could let people know that you’re traveling solo, are new to the area and would like to meet new people. You could let people know that you’re looking to meet someone special in your life. Online dating makes it easy to meet some new folks.

Language Classes

If you’re visiting a country for several days, weeks or months, it may be a good idea to learn the language. Consider joining a language class to help you communicate with the locals better. You never know when you may need the language to ask about the closest bathroom or the local bar or gym.

Enrolling in a foreign language class allows you to meet other travelers who are trying to learn the language. A great place to make some new friends.


Volunteering your services in a foreign country can be an amazing experience. There are a plethora of things you can do, and it helps you to learn the language spoken in the country (as some volunteering positions require you to learn the language). By volunteering, you meet some locals that will introduce you to other locals that could eventually become friends. If you use a site like you can even get free lodging in exchange for your volunteer work. 

Check Out Facebook Expat Groups

Another simple option to making friends in a foreign country is to join a Facebook expat group. With this option, you make a post about yourself and that you’d like to meet some people in town. Most of the members are like yourself – people who are new to town and want to partake in some adventures. Use the group to introduce yourself and set up a meeting somewhere in the local area.

Wander Around and Greet People Randomly   

It’s extremely important when you’re living the nomadic life to stay in the public eye. You want to do things that you enjoy because it allows you to meet people who share your interests. Also, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing – just walking the streets, having a cup of coffee or having a good idea – say hi! Strike up a conversation with the person next to you. Most people miss out on making friends because they refuse to put themselves out there and make small conversations.

The majority of folks are really good people!

Set a goal to talk to two people a day. Don’t just say “hi” and keep moving. Make it a point to make a connection. You want it to where that person will see you on the street and stop you to talk.  Challenge yourself to make it happen!

What You Should Remember About The Nomadic Lifestyle

There’s something special about meeting people when you’re traveling alone or living the nomadic life. It’s the first time you can be free and be who you truly are. If things don’t work out in one location, you can pick up and visit somewhere else the next day. Nobody knows you, and there’s no damage left in your wake when you leave.  There’s no fear of being judged, and people won’t be talking about you behind your back.

The nomadic lifestyle allows you to create a unique connection with new people. It’s an experience unlike any other.

I have made friends from all around the world – many of which will be lifelong ones because we’ve managed to click on a level based on our circumstances. And, like me, if you find that something isn’t working where you are at, you can just leave. There’s no obligation to friends to stay where you are. You can just be you!

This article was written by Everett of – a website that helps travelers find and compare local gyms for short-term memberships.

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