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Peer To Peer RV Rentals – Yes There’s An Airbnb For RVs (+ $150 Giveaway!)

I recently had a few conversations with Mark from RVShare.com — a peer-to-peer RV rental website, similar to Airbnb. His service is a brilliant one for digital nomads eager to travel and explore new areas (or make money from their RV). So, to introduce you to this new service, he’s written this post and we’ve partnered up on a $150 RVShare.com gift card giveaway which you can enter by August 27, 2016 at the end of this article.

And now, on to Mark…

Did you know you can turn that dust collecting on your motorhome into gold? It’s true. For years you dreamt of owning your own recreational vehicle, traveling the open road, visiting towns you’ve only read about in novels and discovering Americana on a whole new level.

After doing your research and visiting every RV sales lot in your area, touring vessel after vessel for the perfect fit, you finally take the dive and those eight tons of adventure on wheels is now yours. It’s a great feeling of owning something that will liberate you from the conventions of long distance travel ie plane tickets, hotels and taxi cabs. The turnkey charm of traversing the United States on your own terms is now at your fingertips.

Once you get your first road trip under your belt, you look forward to the next and then the next after that. But, unless you’re retired and have nothing but time on your hands, those trips may be separated by weeks, months, maybe even years. The liberation you felt watching the hustle and bustle of everyday life disappear in the rearview mirror, can become a bit of a ball and chain when you see your hard earned money just sitting under the baking sun on a set of deflating tires.

The good news is that your recreational vehicle doesn’t have to wilt because of underuse and your investment doesn’t have to die on the vine. With sites like RVshare.com, it’s becoming easier for RV owners to rent their vehicles to fellow adventure-seekers while earning some good cash.

Just like Airbnb and VRBO.com, RVshare.com is a safe and reliable place to market your vessel to renters looking for a wonderful alternative to buying their own camper or renting from a large, expensive company. As the largest RV rental marketplace, both owners and renters have a wide pool of options to select from that’s convenient to both parties. RVshare also puts owners in the driver’s seat that allows them to select to whom, when, and for how much you rent your camper.

And, RVshare.com makes the process easy to navigate what’s for many, uncharted territory – for both owners and renters. For owners, creating a profile is free and guided by a simple questionnaire that will get your listing off the ground.

For renters, by logging on to the site’s homepage, simply enter a pick up location and trip dates and a comprehensive list of mobile homes appear at their set prices. Find the ones that appeal to you and take an online tour of each vehicle, explore the inside and layout of each motorhome and the best price that fits your pocketbook. Each listing also provides availability, descriptions including size, generator capabilities, and rules of the road such as pet and smoker-friendly options.

As simple as the process may be, owners in particular may be gun shy to the idea of placing such expensive property into the hands of strangers. Like Airbnb and VRBO.com, you’re entrusting something of yours to a person or people you hope will treat with respect and return it in the condition they picked it up in. Also, getting paid – the reason why you’re taking the leap of faith in the first place.

With RVshare.com, payments go through a third party ensuring a secure transaction and a $10,000 peace of mind guarantee. And, for renters, every rental booked online comes with 24-hour travel concierge and roadside assistance.

What’s also comforting is to know you’re not alone in the process. You’re not the first to rent your recreational vehicle and you won’t be the last. Folks who have discovered the joys of owning and renting their RVs have been sharing their testimonials on the success they’ve experienced renting their pride and joy to people and families embarking on one of life’s most enjoyable experiences.

Take Jose, for instance. As a member of the military living in Sierra Vista, Arizona, he was surprised by the time his RV spent in storage after he bought it and wanted to offset the costs as well as ensuring the RV wouldn’t break down from not being used. Once he posted his vehicle, within days he received his first inquiry. Since then, every month he has at least one booking. Since his first post, Jose has had more than 20 bookings totaling approximately $10,000.

Besides earning the extra income, Jose is most pleased with customer satisfaction. “I feel great when a customer returns the RV and they have the best time of their life and you contributed greatly,” Jose says.

As for Kevin, a medical student from Clinton Township, Michigan, renting out his RV was an imperative solution to feeding his family. While having the responsibilities of supporting his family as well as focusing on his studies and holding down a part time job, he needed a way to maximize his RV. So, he listed it, which would have otherwise been sitting in storage, and from the first day of posting it, received a handful of inquiries and was able to rent it out enough to make money to send to his family.

For Kevin, it was particularly special renting his RV to other families. “I met a lot of good people especially families with kids. They remind me of my kids at home,” says Kevin. “When I think of my motorhome, it always reminds me of my family camping, and I would like to share the same great experience with my potential customers at the same time make some extra money by renting out the motorhome while it is not used.”

So far, Kevin has rented out his motorhome four times earning more than $2000 he otherwise would not have had.

Jose and Kevin’s are just two of many stories by RV owners who have taken the plunge, and happily so, into the world of renting. Being able to lean on RVshare’s services, they’ve minimized worry of renting their prized possession to complete strangers. When the alternative is spending up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in storage costs per year, share the joys of the open road and fill your wallet with an excellent source of extra income.

About Mark Jenney: Mark is the founder of RVShare.com, a peer-to-peer rental website for motorhomes, trailers, and campers. 

The RVShare.com $150 gift card giveaway

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For the comments: What are your thoughts on renting and leasing RVs? What do you think the next peer-to-peer rental trend will be?


Rob is enthusiastic about everything related to money and investing. A financial analyst and instructor, he enjoys using what he’s learned from 10 years of studying business and money to help others achieve financial stability. He founded Money Nomad in 2014!

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  1. This is an awesome service! I think I may have read your article just in time. The location for last summer plans with friends has fall through, and this might be the solution. Maybe we’ll all just hit the open road together instead!

    1. Awesome idea Jema! That’s a great way to do things. By all means, I recommend giving it a shot. And who knows, maybe you’ll win a few bucks to make the trip that much easier. 🙂

  2. I just signed up for this service and just completed my first 5 day RV rental. Great way to make some extra cash from my camper.

    1. Awesome Derek! Great to hear from someone who’s using and enjoying the service. The founder is certainly a great guy and I’m excited about the opportunities that RVShare offers owners and renters. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Renting an RV gives you so much more freedom when travelling. For me it’s the best way of travelling, as I love nature and prefer to be as close as it as possible! An RV makes that possible 🙂

  4. I like how you mentioned that you can rent out RV trailers if you want to go somewhere–yes, even a party with the family can be considered as a rental especially when you know where to look and see that there are willing people who will rent out their trailers for other people to use. It’s surprising to find that there’s such an industry like this as I thought this kind of business only existed in movies and TV shows, so imagine my surprise to find out that they are very real. While I haven’t the slightest on when I would be renting one of these, if I did have the chance I would try to rent out a trailer and go on a family trip.

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