I’ve compiled this page to share my favorite resources for earning, saving, investing, and learning — all in one place! You can literally save and earn thousands with the tools below.  You’re welcome to thank me, but my preference is that you donate a portion of what you earn — and invest the rest.


Disclosure: I earn an affiliate commission on some of these links at no additional cost to you. However, I only share items that I’ve personally used or verified. 

Investing and Wealth Management

If you're looking for an affordable way to diversify your investments it's hard to beat Motif Investing -- which allows you to purchase a "motif" of up to 30 stocks or ETFs for just $9.95. You can also buy into certain startup IPOs before their publicly traded. Click here to join.
Betterment is an investment tool for people who don't want to worry about investing. If the thought of juggling stocks and constantly managing your investment intimidates you, then Betterment is your hero. All you have to do is add money and set your risk level and Betterment does the rest! I use their service primarily for my emergency fund -- as it provides better returns than money sitting in a low-yield bank account.
Fundrise allows anyone to invest in real estate with as little as $1,000. I've been using Fundrise since the beginning of 2016 and have been very impressed with their product and team. As I mentioned in my review piece, their returns are impressive -- with a target of 10%-20% per year check out their stats here.
Trade King investingTRADE KING
Trade King is my "traditional" investment platform. It offers all of the more complex investment capabilities (like buying/selling options and trading on margin) and has the lowest rates I've seen - at just $4.95/trade! You can use this link to get $100 in free trades.
Lending Club InvestingLENDING CLUB
Lending Club offers peer-to-peer loans, allowing users to lend money to other users for a decent return. Most investors earn somewhere between 6-9% on their portfolio -- all while helping borrowers receive better rates than they would get from banks or credit cards. It's an investment tool worth checking out.

Business and Income

If you're ready to start an online business, a professional blog, or just a fun hobby website, you'll want to host it yourself to maintain control (and place ads if desired). I've discovered iPage to be one of the best priced services out there and you can visit this special deal to launch your website for just $1.99/month. This is the service I use.
Fiverr Jobs Starting at $5FIVERR
Fiverr is a website that lets you buy and sell professional services starting at $5. Need a logo for your website, some extra research for an article, or a video review of your product? You can find someone to do it on Fiverr. You can also sell your own services -- with some people making $5,000+/month from this site. Join the world's largest marketplace for small jobs to make money in your free time and save big on your next project.

Everday Shopping

Ebates Cashback ShoppingEBATES CASHBACK
Ebates offers 1-40% cashback on thousands of online stories including Groupon, Target, Shutterfly, and many more. Every time you start an online shopping trip through their site you get cashback. For big purchases this can really add up! Receive a $10 gift card after your first purchase by joining through this link. I make a couple hundred extra bucks every year through Ebates without much extra effort.
Did you know that every single purchase you make on Amazon could include a 0.5% donation to a charity of your choice at no cost to you? Choose the charity you want to support the first time you visit, and they'll receive a check from Amazon every time you shop. I try to always shop through Amazon Smile so that I can give back a little extra to my preferred charities.
Card Cash Discount Gift Cards
When someone receives a gift card that they don't want, they visit CardCash to exchange it for cash. CardCash then sells those gift cards for up to 35% off! Almost any gift card available can be found on this website -- from mall boutiques and restaurants, to hardware stores and gas cards. And, they're currently offering $5 off your first order right here!
VidAngel - Watch Movies for One DollarVIDANGEL: WATCH MOVIES FOR $1
There are two reasons VidAngel is pretty cool. First, rather than paying $3.99 to rent a movie on Amazon, iTunes, or Google, you can watch movies for just $1. Second, VidAngel allows you to set filters before a movie begins so that you can skip language or scenes that your kids (or yourself) may find inappropriate. You can learn more here.

Travel 10 Nights Get 1 FreeHOTELS.COM
If you love customer rewards programs, but hate the idea of staying in the same hotel chain on every trip, check out In addition to the best rates and secret deals, they also offer you 1 FREE night for every 10 nights you book -- regardless of the hotel chain you choose. I almost always book with and have never seen lower prices elsewhere on the web for the same properties.
Airbnb allows you to rent your next vacation spot from individuals rather than a large hotel chain. Whether you want to save money by renting from someone else, or make some extra cash by renting out a room or apartment that you own, Airbnb is a prominent leader in the sharing economy. If you haven't already, try Airbnb with this $20 credit for your first stay.
Rent from Turo and save on every tripTURO
The same concept as Airbnb, Turo lets you rent cars from other people rather than a traditional rental agency (they handle the insurance). The next time you need to rent a car, save a few bucks using Turo. To get started, use this $25 off link.

Education & Student Loans

As most millennials know, university isn't cheap! LendKey offers a great way to refinance your student loans through non-profit credit unions who are willing to offer a much lower interest rate (as low as 2-3%) then for-profit alternatives -- potentially saving you thousands over the lifetime of the loan. Check your rate at LendKey for free to see if refinancing would benefit your financial situation.
Learning something new doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, it could cost you under $50! Udemy is one of the leading online education platforms where anyone can develop a course on anything! If you want to improve your Excel, social media, or conversation skills (along with thousands of other topics), you may want to take a look at Udemy. I've taken courses here and, one day, would like to develop my own!
For professionals looking to gain further education, should be a first stop. From Microsoft and Adobe, to real estate, insurance, and workplace safety -- you can receive dozens of certifications to remain compliant, advance, or even launch a new career. There are even free classes for unemployed and underemployed individuals. Learn more on their site.


Additional websites I find helpful:

LoveHolidays provides four flexible payment options to choose from, in a bid to make holidays more affordable for everyone. After all, there is no feeling quite like booking your perfect getaway!