RepricerExpress Review: Win The Amazon Buy Box

Every day thousands of new sellers enter the Amazon marketplace, ramping up competition between sellers. Since Amazon is dedicated to an unmatched buying experience, Amazon’s algorithm gives sellers the Buy Box that are selling a product at the lowest price (along with other factors) so that a buyer receives the best price. Since many sellers can be selling the same product, prices may change several times per hour as sellers compete to win the Buy Box. If you have multiple products for sale, keeping track of your price and Buy Box status can be a full time job in itself. Well not anymore, thanks to RepricerExpress!

RepricerExpress repricing plans start at $55 per month but they offer a completely free 15 day trial that requires no credit card information but gives you full access to all of the features! I recommend you give it a try today at no cost.

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What is RepricerExpress?

RepricerExpress is a robust online software solution that helps Amazon sellers sell more products by keeping track of pricing data and automatically updating listings. Now Amazon sellers can use an automated system, which can be highly configured, to compete for the Buy Box 24/7/365.

The Repricing dashboard showing an overview of how SKUs are repricing, across all Amazon channels.

I’m confident that RepricerExpress will increase your sales starting on day one. The more time you have the Buy Box, the more units you will sell. In short, this software is a full suit of tools that has been created so that you can beat your Amazon competitors daily.

So What Does RepricerExpress Help With?

The suite of tools gives you, an Amazon seller, a complete up-to-the-minute view of your products’ prices across all of your listings. RepricerExpress works with all of the major Amazon marketplaces.

The Repricing dashboard showing an overview of how SKUs are repricing, across all Amazon channels.

You’re just one click away from seeing the price history of every single product you sell. Additionally, you can easily filter, find and edit your products’ pricing in bulk, or one by one. RepricerExpress gives you the tools to customize your pricing strategies to fit your own unique needs, as each seller’s needs are different.

The software has the features to optimize your price, resulting in increased profitability, when common scenarios arise.

Setup, Security and Customer Service

With regards to setup, this can be completed within 20 minutes so you’ll be repricing your listings almost immediately after signing up. RepricerExpress works non-stop 24 hours a day, and is hosted on high quality servers.

The tools come with a “safe mode” that allows you to try out different pricing scenarios and see the behavior. If you are happy with the results, then simply flip a switch the make the changes go live.

Their customer service is second to none! If you ever have a question, comment or concern, know that a customer support person will be there to assist via Live Chat or email. I have had an excellent experience talking back and forth with RepricerExpress, they respond very quickly and thoroughly. Other customer service teams should be taking notes from RepricerExpress.

RepricerExpress is trusted by over 2,000 happy Amazon sellers who collectively reprice 74+ million listings per day. If you’re on the fence about these tools, then try their free 15 day trial with absolutely no obligations. I’m sure you’ll see results immediately as that is quite the norm for sellers who join RepricerExpress. If you have any questions, feel free to email me and I’d be happy to help.

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