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A Review of GivingAssistant.org and a $50 Paypal Giveaway

Notice: I never share anything that I don’t use myself, but the occasional sponsored post (like this one) allows me to support this blog while providing additional value to my readers. In this case, it also provides a chance for you to win $50!

GivingAssistant.org Review: How to get cashback every time you shop online

I recently came across GivingAssistant.org, a cashback shopping site that does more than just offer you money when you shop – they also donate one meal through Feeding America for every purchase you make that originates from their site!

This creates a major win for everyone! You make money, they make money, and those in need receive a meal. That’s a great example of social entrepreneurship at it’s finest.

The team at GivingAssistant.org actually agreed to offer two more wins for readers of MoneyNomad.com. First, if you sign up through this link, you’ll receive $5 (and you can make $5 for every person you refer). Second, at the end of this review is a $50 PayPal cash giveaway, compliments of the Giving Assistant team.

Finally, once 10 people sign up through the link above and make a qualifying purchase, I’ll run another giveaway! (Unless you tell me that you don’t like giveaways on Money Nomad – then I’ll just keep everything I make for myself).

My Experience Using GivingAssistant.org

There are many cashback portals out there, and I use several on a regular basis. However, Giving Assistant is the first one that I’ve come across that actually promises to do good with every purchase made through their site.

Not only does Giving Assistant do good with each purchase, but their cash back is actually higher than many of their competitors. Two comparisons I briefly did with the market leader revealed that Giving Assistant offered 3% higher cashback for Groupon and 2% higher cashback for Booking.com (as you can see from the screenshot below). That adds up to a decent amount of cash if you decide to book a $1000+ vacation through either of these sites.

Booking.com Cash Back on Giving Assistant

In fact, in every single comparison I did, Giving Assistant offered a higher cashback rate than the largest cashback portal out there! When I started looking into how they are able to do this, it came down to two things. First, they’re keeping the business very lean – with a small, but effective team. Second, their primary focus is helping others (both shoppers and charities like Feeding America) – so they are willing to give more away.

I like saving money, and I like the way they do business, so I went ahead and signed up!

As my wife and I were looking at buying a microfiber quick-drying towel for our summer in Costa Rica, I went through the Giving Assistant link to Backcountry and earned 6% cashback on a $30 towel. Once I include my $5 signup bonus, spending 2 minutes to set up an account and go through their link made me $6.80! I also provided a meal to someone in need – making the shopping experience that much better.

GivingAssistant cashback screenshot

In short, if you’re interested in making money and feeding someone hungry every time you shop online, Giving Assistant is worth checking out.

Plus, if you use this link here to sign up, we’ll both receive a $5 bonus and I’ll be able to run another giveaway on Money Nomad!

The $50 Paypal Giveaway

Thanks to the generosity of the Giving Assistant team (and smart marketing in my opinion), I’m able to offer my first giveaway here on Money Nomad! To help spread the word of this giveaway, I teamed up with nearly 50 additional bloggers!

You can enter this giveaway using any of the methods below. If you use several, your odds of winning will be even greater.

My plan is to give away at least ⅓ of what I make from this blog – through sweepstakes, hiring staff, giving to charity, or other methods. But this is where it starts! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For the comments: I would love your opinion on two things here. First, what are your thoughts of Giving Assistant? Second, what are your thoughts on sweepstakes becoming a regular part of Money Nomad? I want the majority of my content to provide useful information for digital nomads – and I’m just wondering if giveaways will provide more value, or distract from the content. Thanks for your feedback!


Rob is enthusiastic about everything related to money and investing. A financial analyst and instructor, he enjoys using what he’s learned from 10 years of studying business and money to help others achieve financial stability. He founded Money Nomad in 2014!

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  1. I like the fact that Giving Assistant has a higher cashback rate along with donating one meal through Feeding America for every purchase!

    Giveaways are a great way to bring new readers to your site…it brought me. 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Doing good definitely is good for business. And I may have to make giveaways a regular part of Money Nomad, we’ll see.

  2. First time I heard of this portal but doing a quick cross-reference, they have higher paybacks than Ebates on several stores my wife & I make online purchases from (Lowe’s & Shutterfly).

    Congrats on first cash giveaway as well!

    1. I didn’t add this to the initial. I would think a quarterly giveaway would be about right. It depends on what you are giving away. The highest frequency would be monthly, but then the prize would be smaller. I personally wouldn’t have anything smaller than $10 for a monthly.

      1. That’s a good call. I definitely wouldn’t want to provide giveaways that aren’t worth anyone’s time. Also, I don’t want to fill up all of my content with giveaways, so finding a healthy balance is critical.

    2. So far every merchant I have visited has had higher returns than ebates, but definitely check it out for your self and see. I’m sure there are some merchants where ebates is still better returns (but maybe not).

      1. Great review Rob. Many thanks!

        We generally have higher cash back than eBates because we give 100% of the affiliate commission back to our amazing users. eBates keeps roughly half of the commission for themselves.

        You can see Cashbackholics break down as being the highest 41% of the time on all cash back stores here:


        Ebates is just 6% of the time:

        Thanks again for using Giving Assistant and let me know if you have any questions. Be happy to answer for your readers.

        Ryan Quiel
        CoFounder of Giving Assistant

        1. Thanks for stopping by to provide some more feedback on the topic Ryan, I appreciate it. And I will certainly encourage readers to reach out if they have any further questions.

  3. Hi Rob!. Nice post. Never heard of this site but Ebates is one such site that I have heard of before. However they don’t give a free meal away and as such this site has an upper hand I would say!. You should definitely make giveaways a part of your site. Am Neenz87 (on Twitter) =)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading. It’s definitely worth checking out! Have a great day and enjoy your future travels!

    1. Yep, I definitely like that feature myself. If you can give to others every time you shop, that’s pretty great.

  4. Giving Assistant is very user friendly good-cause cashback site. I definitely would like to see you have more sweepstakes

    1. Glad you like Giving Assistant! I’m definitely a fan. And fair enough – I’ll keep giveaways as part of the site, 😉

  5. This appears to be a great service and makes you feel better because you are giving back a meal to a person in need. Every Choice can make a difference, Giving assistant rocks.

    1. Glad you are as big a fan as I am! It’s definitely a great way to save while helping others. It’s looking more and more like my go-to for cashback shopping.

  6. I just signed up & made my first purchase a couple days ago. Pleased with GA & going write a review post on my own blog in the near future! Because of the higher payout & the charity for every purchase, I will be using this more than Ebates.

    The preceding comments from the GA team were also very helpful.

  7. I just signed up & made my first purchase a couple days ago. Pleased with GA & going write a review post on my own blog in the near future! Because of the higher payout & the charity for every purchase, I will be using this more than Ebates.First time I heard of this portal but doing a quick cross-reference, they have higher paybacks than Ebates on several stores my wife & I make online purchases from

    1. Glad you’re as happy with them as I’ve been! Definitely let me know if you write a review as well – feel free to link to it here in the comments. Enjoy your extra savings!

  8. I don’t think it’ll distract from the content if you have the right person doing the Giveaway. You need to put entries regarding your content. For example: the questions you just wrote that you wanted us to answer in this comment should’ve been an entry or two entries. Plus the links were typed when they should’ve been linked unless there was something wrong with rafflecopter. My thoughts on Giving Assistant it’s a good start. Don’t make it wordy because you’ll lose the blogger reading it & make it read/time worthy. A blogger’s time is important. We’re mothers, working wives or just tired. Our time is limited so we have to pick & choose what we do on-line. Saving money & giving money man, do you got the right idea. I give ya a thumbs up on that one. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks for sharing your insights Marie! I truly appreciate it. I will definitely need to focus on keeping any future giveaway postings brief to make it easier for people entering. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Hi! What is your email address? I used your referral link but didn’t get the $5 and they’re asking me for the referrer’s email address?

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