Sellzone Product Research Tool – Find Products Which Other Sellers Cannot

Amazon seller marketplace is getting competitive, and fewer than one in ten sellers generate $100K+ every year. 

The rest of the sellers either quit or select the wrong product and face heavy bleeding. We do not want the same thing to happen to you.

This article will discuss how you can find a profitable product without spending a dime.

How to Start Selling on Amazon?

To kickstart your business on Amazon, start by identifying the Amazon seller plan that meets the goals of your business.

Amazon offers two seller plans to its user, an Individual seller account and a professional seller account. 

Click here to know more about the comparison of these two plans.

Once you have selected a plan, start with the product research as it will decide the future of your business.

What is Amazon Product Research? 

Amazon marketplace is filled with millions of different products; hence getting the right product is the most crucial step towards a successful Amazon business.

Amazon product research includes finding products on Amazon that have good stability, future scalability, and long-term profitability opportunities.

The goal is to find the products with gaps in the market that meet your interest and budget for this business.

Why is it Important?

1. It helps you identify whether a product matches the specification of your business plan or not.

2. It gives a better idea of your target audience and how you can create a connection with them, leading to conversions and brand building.

3. It helps you find gaps in the market OR problems available in a running product that all the current sellers are missing.

4. It gives you the overall understanding of the niche, the pain points of the buyers, and their desires towards the product, which means by targeting all of them, you can stay ahead of the market.

5. You can build a pricing strategy based on the market competition and steal the sales your competitors expect to get.

How to Choose the Right Product to Sell on Amazon?

Before performing Amazon product research, create a checklist and compare your selected products with it.

The checklist is given below:

1. Daily Usage Item – Start by selecting frequently bought/easily consumable products for which you do not have to wait too long for the customers to come back.

2. Low Competition – Select products with less than 10000 sellers, making the ranking phase easier.

3. High Demand & Future Scalability – Make sure that the selected product has at least 300 sales per month and multiple keywords for future growth.

4. Fewer Reviews – The number of reviews defines the overall saturation of the niche; higher reviews are equal to high competition. Hence, select a product with less than 500 reviews from the top sellers.

5. Lightweight – Heavy items require more shipping costs that can consume the majority of your profits. So, look for products with less than 5lbs.

6. Small Dimensions – Bigger products require more shipping costs, plus you have to pay more for the storage fee, so it is better to keep your product dimension below 18’’ x 14’’ x 8’’.

7. Selling Price – Keep the selling price of your products minimum of $10, so you can easily acquire good margins even after the PPC spend.

8. 4x Margins – Once you have selected a product, conduct its initial sourcing to evaluate whether you can sell the product at a 4x price or not.

9. Easy to Source – Look out for products that can easily be manufactured without too many complexities.

10. Budget Comparison – While sourcing and expense calculation, keep your business capital clear and evaluate if the sourced product matches it or not.

Note: You can alter the above numbers as per your feasibility but consider the overall concepts.

How Can Sellzone Amazon Product Research Tool Help?

By reading the above checklist, you must be thinking that this Amazon product research is a hectic job – You are right, but Sellzone has made it easier with its FREE Amazon product research tool.

Sellzone’s Amazon Product Research tool saves you a lot of time and frustration for no cost at all.

  • Select your desired categories.
  • If you have some keywords in mind, add them or just skip them as it’s optional.
  • Select an estimated selling price.
  • Hit on the “Find Products” button.

Now, you will see all the potential products that match your described filters if you want to niche-down the search result even further. 

Then click on the “advanced search.”

Here you can add the desired BSR, review range, number of sellers who also offer this product, estimated rating, and choose whether you want to see products sold by Amazon.

On-Page Profitability Calculation

To get a profitability idea of your selected product, Sellzone has an inbuilt FBA calculator.

Click on the “Calculate” button, which is available on every product, and it will open a tab that shares all the financial stats regarding the product. 

This in-built feature gives an idea of how you can finalize your inventory, which aspects can increase and reduce your cost.

Moreover, it shares all the fees that Amazon will charge for your selected product. 

In the end, it gives you the option to add your estimated product cost so you can evaluate the product ROI and profitability.

Guess what? Sellzone offers all of this for FREE.

Perks of Using Sellzone’s Amazon Product Research Tool

This Amazon Product Research tool offers numerous benefits to its users, and here are some of them:

1. Sellzone offers in-depth data and the most accurate; hence you can get your hands on those products, which the majority of the new sellers are unaware of.

2. It saves you a lot of time at no cost.

3. Provides on-page details of each product, including traffic source report, and listing quality check by leading to the reports in the corresponding Sellzone tools – the Traffic Insights tool and Listing Quality Check tool. 

4. Minimizes your risks and saves your investment.

5. Offers an inbuilt FBA calculator that shares the estimated margins of the selected product.

Comparison with Other Tools in the Market

Sellzone is a project by Semrush, one of the best digital marketing tools globally, and it is famous because of accurate data. Hence, we can expect the same accuracy from Sellzone’s Amazon Product Research tool.

Apart from this, other tools in the market do offer stats, but none of them shares the inbuilt traffic source OR listing quality checks.

Moreover, you have to pay a hefty monthly fee for these tools, and Sellzone does not charge a penny for its product research tool.

Now, it is completely up to you whether you want to go with a free of cost highly accurate tool or some other trendy one in the market.


Finding the right product is the core step towards a successful Amazon business. Your selected product decides whether you will lose everything or become the next Amazon millionaire. Rely on data and test your idea with a free-of-cost Amazon Product Research tool by Sellzone.

Time to sell well with Sellzone!


Zach Zorn

Zach Zorn is the owner of Money Nomad and an enthusiast of all things tech. Zach has extensive experience creating and managing niche review websites. In 2018 one of his websites was acquired by a private equity firm, igniting his passion even more. Zach also runs an Amazon FBA business that has given him experience with customer service, product manufacturing and design. While in high school Zach helped design several successful apps for Disney. When not on the computer, Zach is most likely off the coast of San Diego or Baja fishing for saltwater game fish.

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