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Websites to Make Money OnlineMany people get excited when they hear that I have made a decent amount of money online. Although everyone has heard of online entrepreneurs, few people actually know how they make money. They think that making money online requires some ridiculous knowledge of programming – not realizing that the vast majority of online entrepreneurs know very little, if anything, about the technical side of the internet.

Therefore, I have decided to compile a list of websites that I have used to find work and make money with the internet. These are not websites that require you to join, pay money, and get other people to sign up (I have tried those and they don’t work unless you spam your friends). They are platforms that allow you to make money in legitimate, slow, and consistent ways.

Although they may not make you rich, all of these websites have the potential of making you thousands of dollars. All you need is a creative idea, some sweat equity, and a willingness to market yourself.

As I come across more websites, I will add them to this list. If you know of any others, feel free to include them in the comments section!


HubPagesHubPages was the first place I started making money online. I setup a free account, started blogging, and enjoyed receiving 70% of the advertising revenue from my posts. This resulted in about 1 cent per three views. Although that doesn’t sound like much, when I wrote a humorous article about hiding it when you wet your pants, which has received over 50,000 views – I discovered that one cent per three views can actually be rather lucrative.

What I love about HubPages is that you can write your posts on virtually anything, and HubPages will automatically categorize them with related posts. This is great for someone who is spastic (like myself). I was able to write articles on relationships, money, wetting your pants, travel, etc. On a normal blog, my readers would have all left. However, HubPages kept them around with related content.

But more important than the pennies you earn, HubPages is a great tool for marketing yourself. I have received multiple job offers over the years because of my articles on HubPages. When applying for a position via email, I have been able to link to my HubPages account. When potential employers discover my 90+ articles, they notice that I have a talent for writing and an ability to commit to a project long-term.

Therefore, if you have an interest in a particular industry, writing a few hubs about it can set yourself apart when applying for jobs.


FiverrFiverr is another great website for getting started with online money making – especially if you aren’t particularly talented in anything. People make money on Fiverr by taking pictures of themselves, recording video testimonials, and commenting on other people’s blog posts.

Fiverr is a marketplace where people buy and sell jobs starting at $5. Therefore, if you need a book cover designed, want a logo, need an article written, or are interested in marketing yourself, Fiverr is a great place to visit.

There are two ways that I have made money on Fiverr – by selling gigs, and by using gigs to complete projects for other people (at a profit, of course).

When selling on Fiverr, make sure that you sell something worth your time. Because you only get $4 from the deal, writing blog posts or designing logo’s probably isn’t worth your time. I make money by offering to tweet out messages that people have and/or promote them on my other websites.

Because Fiverr allows you to sell gigs for more than $5 (although at $5 increments), there are some people who make $50+ per order by offering a more valuable service at a higher price.

If you haven’t been there already, check Fiverr.com out, you may discover that your hobby can make you rich – $5 at a time.


QuirkyQuirkyQuirkyI have only made a couple of dollars on Quirky.com, but there are many people who have made thousands. This brilliant website is a place where you can submit product ideas that you have and, if Quirky decides to make it, you get a portion of the revenue. You also get a portion of the revenue for assisting with the designing, naming, and marketing of other people’s products.

For ideas that you have, but don’t want to invest your life into, Quirky is the perfect place. Post it online and see what happens! Some of their products have ended up in Home Depot and other big-box stores – making the inventor’s 4% quite lucrative.

IndieGoGo and Kickstarter

IndiegogoFor ideas that you do want to invest your life into, crowdfunding sites are really the best place to start. Banks and venture capitalists almost never back a new business that doesn’t already have a solid customer base.

Furthermore, investing all of your life savings into an idea can be risky – what if no one is actually interested in what you have to sell?

This is why crowdfunding is so brilliant. By making your future customers a part of the launch, three things happen. First, you only invest money if people are actually interested in your idea. Second, by preselling instead of borrowing, you start your business without any debt or obligations to venture capitalists! Third, because your customers want to see your idea launch, they promote your idea for you – which can saving you thousands in marketing costs.

Although I haven’t run a successful crowdfunding project (yet), I have launched one in the past, and it brought a lot of publicity to the project I was working on. Crowdfunding truly has revolutionized the way that people acquire funding.


Outsourcing website such as Upwork have been my financial bread and butter.

I have picked up jobs and outsourced my own projects through freelance websites – my favorite of which is Odesk.

Odesk allows anyone to post a job, and then freelancers send in proposals. The employer selects the freelancer that seems the most appealing, and the job begins. For managing the transactions and ensuring that neither party is taken advantage of, Odesk takes a 10% fee (much better than Fiverr’s 5%).

The biggest challenge to making money on Odesk is getting people to select you among the 20+ applicants for most positions. Read this article to better prepare yourself for successfully acquiring clients on Odesk.

eBay, Etsy, Craigslist, and Amazon

ebayEveryone is familiar with these online retailers (or at least a few of them). Although you need a solid business concept, there are hundreds of thousands of people who make money with these sites.

I have sold books on Amazon, and my car on Craigslist. I also know one guy who sells high-end clothing through eBay. All you need is a way to acquire products at a discounted rate and you can sell them online for a profit. Just make sure that you include fees (usually about 15%) and shipping in your calculation. The last thing you want is to lose money on your business ventures.

What Other Great Websites Have You Found?

Is there a website that I missed? Share it in the comments section below. I’m always excited to experiment with a new way to work online.


Rob is enthusiastic about everything related to money and investing. A financial analyst and instructor, he enjoys using what he’s learned from 10 years of studying business and money to help others achieve financial stability. He founded Money Nomad in 2014!

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