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Why Australia Is a Great Country to Start Your Digital Nomad Adventure

Being a digital nomad was virtually impossible just a couple of decades ago. Although the concept of people living like nomads is probably among the oldest ones in the history of civilizations, this new kind of nomads emerged just recently. Of course, we have all those technological developments – from high-speed Internet connection to laptops with extended battery life – to thank for the birth of digital nomads. And for these people, the world is their oyster! They can be anywhere on the planet and not even stay in the same time zone for more than a day, and still manage to get all their work done before receiving a paycheck at the end of the month. Australia is one of the most popular countries in the world for digital nomads, and here’s why.

One of many

While the concept of freelancing is still not as popular in all countries of the world, it seems that the people from the Land Down Under have a pretty good idea what digital freedom is all about. That’s why there’s such a strong freelancing community in Australia and it’s easy to take steps towards freelancing when you know that about a third of all working Australians are actually freelancers!

This basically means that over four million people don’t have a 9-to-5 job and are quite satisfied with their status. Furthermore, most of them make more money than their peers stuck in an office for the bigger part of the day. That’s why freelancing is so natural in this country and your first reason for becoming a digital nomad here.

Various options

When you’re moving to a new country, you need to invest an enormous amount of time and energy into investigating everything it offers and imagine what your new life will look like. And while most countries seem to offer just a handful of options, Australia has it all – from ultra-modern urban parts of Melbourne and Sydney to the completely opposite experience in the bush and everything in between.

This feeling of freedom is among the most important ones for all Aussie freelancers, according to a comprehensive 2015 study, and this country can cater to your every need and give you everything you’re looking for. Such a diversity is hard to match by any other place in the world, which is why this opportunity is worth exploring.

Find your spot

In order to do your best day after day, you need to find the perfect spot for your freelancing career. Although your laptop’s always with you, knowing where you’re going to place it every morning is vital when mentally preparing to start doing your job and making the plans for the day ahead of you. Co-working spaces are probably the best option since more and more freelancers seem to prefer them.

Australians take these spaces quite seriously and invest a whole lot of money into designing offices, adding elegant and comfortable office desks and chairs for their customers. Moreover, their décor is usually quite modern and it allows you to work freely and get inspired simply by observing the space around you. Since there are lots of such spaces all over Australia, you’ll easily find the one that suits you best and is in accordance with your professional obligations and work ethic.

Becoming an Aussie

Being a foreigner freelancing in Australia is, as you can see, quite amazing, but that’s not the only amazing part of this entire experience – at the beginning, you’ll be just another freelancer, but soon you’ll become a full-fledged Aussie! The thing about Australian people and the environment is that they accept you for who you are, don’t make you change your habits or alter your personality and, most importantly, give you a chance to prosper on your own. This ultimately means that you’ll have a chance to become a better and more mature person in less time, be free to push your own limits and set your own boundaries. Having always been a unique nation, Australians are accepting and welcoming people who will make you feel at home wherever you came from – this land is probably the most special melting pot you’ll ever encounter and you’re definitely going to find your way here as an Aussie digital nomad.

About the Author: Arron Hiddleston is an Australian based travel and lifestyle blogger with an addiction to travel guides, upcycled fashion and healthy lifestyle. He loves sharing meaningful content that educates and inspires people. Arron is a regular contributor to High Style Life and Smoothdecorator.

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