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Would You Outsource Your Homework for $10,000? One College Freshman Does

As I am currently working as a freelance writer and marketer, I regularly run into a variety of unique and entertaining job opportunities on Odesk. One of the most common “nontraditional” job opportunities I come across is to do homework assignments for college students. Although I personally avoid these projects as I think they are unethical, I have seen several tempting opportunities.

Most of these assignments range from $20-100 for an essay to $250-$500 for a business or marketing plan. However, some people will pay an exorbitant amount of money to have someone else do their homework. For example, I have seen requests for a masters thesis for $20,000, and even a dissertation writing request for $30,000!

If you can afford to spend $20,000 for a masters project, then why are you getting another degree in the first place? Or, if you hate writing, and can afford $30,000 to have someone create your dissertation, why in the world would you enter a PhD program?!

I’ve seen requests for religion and ethics papers. I’ve even seen someone ask to have a paper written about their own life experiences! But, just recently, I came across one of the most surprising projects yet.

The College Kid Spending $10,000 for His Homework

While scrolling through the projects posted on Odesk, I discovered a request offering $600 for someone to write a 4-page college paper about the internet! I was curious to learn more about who would offer $600 for 2-4 hours of work, so I clicked on the job proposal. What I discovered left me with more questions then answers.

By scrolling through the previous jobs offered by this individual, I was able to deduce that this was a college freshman studying computer science. Furthermore, he apparently had VERY wealthy parents.

In one school year, this guy has spent OVER $10,000 on about a dozen assignments.

The least expensive job that he had listed was $100 for a 2 page paper. The most expensive job was $3,500 for someone to do his online introductory math course. Many of the projects were for 2-6 page essays, ranging in cost from $200-$800.

Who is this Kid?

Clearly, a college freshman spending $10,000 to have people complete his homework assignments raises a lot of questions.

  • Where is this guy from?
  • Where does he get his money from? (likely, his parents).
  • What do his parents do?
  • Do his parents know what he is doing?
  • Why are his parents not questing where $10,000 disappeared to?
  • Where does he go to school?
  • How much is he spending on college education if he is willing to spend $10,000 on homework assignments?
  • What will happen to this kid in the long run?

It’s pretty easy to conclude that this kid is not interested in learning. Why then, is he in college in the first place? I have two answers. First, his parent’s are probably forcing him to get a college education. Second, he recognizes the value of a college education – and that the value is not in the knowledge, but in the physical degree.

Will This Kid Succeed in Life?

Let’s compare the world’s highest-paying cheater with the average college freshman. Is he learning anything?

Well, he’s not learning about (or at least he’s not writing about) Shakespeare, algebra, and world history. We know this by looking at the assignments he has outsourced in these subjects. Therefore, the average freshman will know much more about these subjects, and may likely be a better academic writer as well.

However, our cheater friend IS finishing his first year of college having recruited, hired, and managed 10+ “employees”. He has outsourced over $10,000+ in projects to an international team of experts – making him far more experienced in “real life” issues than our traditional, honest, college freshman. Furthermore, he’s learning time management skills – paying someone else to do things that are not a perceived good use of his time.

Yes, he may need to learn more about how to effectively manage a budget. Then again, most large corporations get bailed out if they go over budget – so is that really an important issue?

I think this kid is gaining more useful experience by outsourcing his homework than many traditional students get from doing their homework.

Clearly this guy has some serious ethical issues. Because of this, I wouldn’t hire him. Honesty and integrity are far more important to me than creativity and experience.

However, I’m fairly certain that this fella is going to do alright in life. Even if his lack of ethics makes getting a job difficult, he will be fully capable of using daddy’s money to create his own successful business venture.

Is Our Education System Worth It?

We have all asked the question, “Why do I have to do this assignment? It’s not relevant.” Of course, as we get older, we discover that some of these assignments are valuable. But, as is revealed by the 48% of college graduates who do jobs that don’t require a college degree, much of what we learn in school is NOT relevant to real life.

I do not condone cheating. However, the plethora of homework assignment jobs that I see posted online cause me to question the value of our educational system.

Many students are discovering that it is not the education that matters, but the degree itself. If you have a college degree, it will make getting a job easier. However, many students conclude that the general requirement assignments will provide little, if any, benefit in and of themselves.

Let me be clear, I am not questioning the value of a broad education that includes knowledge of the arts, history, and other general requirements. I’m simply wondering if this knowledge is worth the $500+ per credit  and 1-2 year of additional schooling.

Does the student who outsources his homework finish college with a better understanding of “real life” then his faithful and honest classmate? Or do the general education assignments provide value that is irreplaceable elsewhere?

What Do You Think?Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Rob too funny. I just came across this on Twitter. Wow, 10,000 a year? I did have a friend in grad school who was part of a group that paid a CPA to do their accounting assignment. They got a C. Our team got a B so that made me feel a lot better.

    1. lol. It was pretty crazy. It’s always satisfying to discover when cheating doesn’t pay. Motivation to stay on the straight and narrow. Thanks for commenting!

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